Enter the Subway Battleship Instant Win Game (Free Codes!) *Ends 6/14*

Enter the Subway Battleship Instant Win Game (Free Codes!) *Ends 6/14*

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subway-battleship-gameIt’s time for another Subway instant win game! Get free game codes to play the Subway Battleship Instant Win Game to win great prizes.

Who: US residents age 13+.

When: Begins April 15, 2012, and ends June 14, 2012, at 11:59pm ET.

How to Play: Visit battleship.subway.com/mobile to enter. This is the mobile version of the game which can be accessed from computers as well, it just loads much quicker as it does not use flash. 3 plays per person per day. Each person may submit a maximum of 183 codes throughout the promotion.

How to Get Codes

Free Codes:

  • FAS3CYY6
  • CL6M77FV
  • RAYMRMNZ (added 4/24)
  • 3RCRNMRH (added 4/26)
  • NM6YHE6H (added 4/28)
  • 7WERFZNR (added 4/29)
  • AREB6NMA (added 5/3)
  • NNWWLW7H (added 5/3)
  • 7RMBKNLN (added 5/4)
  • 9RMH66CY (added 5/4)
  • YMRWHNWE (added 5/5)
  • MRR3WSY3 (added 5/7)
  • NAEY3ZHB (added 5/9)
  • WFL3VNHK (added 5/10)
  • RMYKLCFE (added 5/16)
  • BATTLE12 (added 5/16)
  • ERMMB6H9 (added 5/16)
  • F6BZ6VM3 (added 5/16)
  • RWES93LC (added 5/17)
  • WLL33AYS (added 5/22)
  • N6W9WNZK (added 5/31)
  • BARBEQUE (added 5/31)
  • 6LYHL6NY (added 6/1)
  • AMOE now open! (see below) These codes give you access all prizes levels!

Alternative Methods:

  • Cup Code: Purchase a specially marked 30oz fountain drink from Subway
  • Sandwich Code: Purchase any footlong sandwich along with any beverage from Subway
  • Social Media Code: via Twitter
  • Banner Ad Codes: Subway banner ads may include a code
  • Email Blast Codes: Subway email blasts may include a code

Free Codes By Mail: From 4/15/12 to 6/1/12, mail a 3-1/2

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  1. Scott E says:

    Seems like the AMOE will not send you codes more than once, even though the rules say you can request them once per day.

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