• Great Money-Saving Apps for College Students

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    This is a guest post by Julia Peterson. She has written up a wonderful list of great money-saving apps for college students, so I hope it helps you and your college-bound student save a little money. College is likely to be the tightest financial bottleneck of your life

  • Back to School: Prepare Kids for Academic Success

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    This is a guest post written by life skills experts Rick and Teena Kamal. I hope you enjoy it! School will be starting again before you know it, and kids who struggle academically need help learning life skills they need to overcome test anxiety and make good grades in the new school year. It

  • Tips to Avoid Bank Fees

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    It seems like banks are always trying to find a way to “stick it to the man.” Check out the handy information below for tips to avoid bank fees and learn to protect more of your hard-earned cash. Do you pay unnecessary fees? Maintenance: Most banks charge a monthly fee if you don

  • Win $100 in the J.G Wentworth Jingle Contest

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    J.G Wentworth knows that in tough economic times, people are constantly analyzing their financial situation. They also know that comedic relief is a helpful and healthy way to face any bump in the road! That

  • Giveaway Scams: Red Flags to Watch For

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    Look out for these sketchy practices, so you can bargain-hunt safely The internet is full of great deals and giveaways, but too many bargain-hunters miss out on good deals because they’re (wisely) cautious about online scams. The internet can be a dangerous place; but if you learn the tricks scam artists use, you can feel

  • Your Search for Pet Food Coupons and Reviews is Over!

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    Every pet owner wants the very best for their furry friends, but how do you know if you are giving your pet the best food, exercise, or environment to keep them healthy and happy? is a one-stop information hub for everything related to pets. The site features reviews of cat and dog food brands,

  • Help Your Kids Stay Sharp Over the Summer

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    I worry about my oldest son forgetting important academic topics during the summer. When summer hits, he doesn’t want to do anything, except watch television or play video games. Getting him to read or go outside is a nightmare. Thankfully our guest authors Rick and Teena Kamal have provided us with some great tips. When

  • Teaching Kids Self-Mastery Skills

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    As a parent, I’m pretty set in my ways, but I do appreciate and value parenting advice from others, especially when it has to do with skills that can make my child have a more successful future. I hope you enjoy these parenting from a potentially new point-of-view by guest author Sai Maa. The highest

  • Sleeping Beauty’s Villian “Maleficent” Begins Production

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    I’m curious as to how many more of these classics Disney will continue to bring back to life in a new way? After Snow White and the Hunstman released, I’ve seen mixed reviews. Perhaps Angelina Jolie’s starring role in this one will help make it a hit. Burbank, CA (June 19, 2012)