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A Healthier Alternative to Candy: “Beary” Special Valentine Treats (with Printable Cards!)

beary-special-valentine-treats-1I try to eat healthy, and I try to make my kids eat healthy too. So there’s no reason I should include candy in my son’s Valentine’s cards to his classmates. Thankfully I came across this adorable idea using Teddy Grahams from my dear friend at Saving Toward a Better Life.

These are particularly great if you have a toddler in preschool and you want to give treats to the class without having to resort to candy that the little ones shouldn’t have. Plus, it’s completely frugal. You can make Valentine’s for an entire class of students for around $3.00!

“Beary” Special Valentine Treats


  • Teddy Grahams (or store brand equivalent) – fills about 10 bags halfway
  • Valentine bags
  • “Beary” Special cards printed on card stock


I don’t think you should really need any. 🙂 Just have fun creating this yummy Valentine treat that is a healthier alternative to candy. Get your little munchkin involved too. Just try not to eat too many along the way.