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vistaprint_wedding free sample invites

Free Samples From Vistaprint: For Business or Wedding

red vistaprint logoFree Samples from Vistaprint – If you are a small business owner / entrepreneur, or are recently engaged, then you might be interested in free samples from Vistaprint. It’s a great hand-on way to see if their wedding or marketing products are right for you. They even ship for free:

vistaprint free sample kit

Free Samples for Business

Vistaprint offers a free sample kit that includes samples of it’s most popular marketing materials in varying paper stocks and finishes. (Glossy or matte) Included in the kit are a number of free business cards, postcards, and a brochure. Each one is printed with helpful information about exactly which paper stock, and other options were used:

Free Samples for Wedding Printing

If you’re going to be planning a wedding, one of the most important things to nail down is the printing. This includes everything from engagement party invites to the wedding invitations and menu. If you aren’t in a rush, (they say it can take up to 2 weeks to deliver) request free sample wedding kit from Vistaprint. If you do place an order, be sure to always use one of their coupons!

Recommended Vistaprint freebies

harley davidson free sticker

Free Harley Davidson Sticker: Roll Your Own

Get a free sticker promoting Harley Davidson’s new “Roll Your Own” campaign. Is there a stronger American brand than Harley Davidson? (Other than Apple, and maybe Bob’s Big Boy, of course!)

Freebie: Free Harley Davidson “Roll Your Own” Sticker

Roll Your Own – I Don’t Get It

Anyway, I’m not familiar with the whole roll your own thing. It sounds to me more like a tobacco company’s slogan, and a lot like the, “Roll Tide” thing that Alabama fans give each other. (If you’re a Harley owner in Alabama, I wonder if you get dizzy from all that rolling?)

Oh, well, what do I know. I drive a minivan most of the time, so as a father of three young kids with mediocre health insurance, I shouldn’t be riding a motorcycle anyway.

Harley Davidson Roll Your Own Commercial

See, once again, the Dad in me is coming out, because I’m looking at this video thinking things like, “wow, that’s so unsafe,” and, “why does that young lady have a big leg-tattoo…”

OK, I’m not cool. Anyway, if you are a DIY car or motorcycle owner, you can get some good coupons for Advance Auto Parts here, plus about 100 deals every month in their flyer.

weight watchers oprah coupon

Weight Watchers: Join FREE, New Oprah Promotion

logo weight watchersJoin Weight Watchers Online for Free: You may have heard that in October Oprah Winfrey announced that she had purchased a 10% stake in Weight Watchers. Not only did the stock double, but it sent thousands of people looking to join Weight Watchers.

Well, the Oprah-effect is happening again, as Oprah just tweeted a video showing how Weight Watchers helped her to lose 26 pounds.

This time the excitement includes a coupon to join Weight Watchers Online for free (saves $30!) this month. (and beyond?) You can also get your first 2 months fees back if you lose 10 pounds or more:

Apply this Weight Watchers Coupon

Other Weight Loss Programs scramble to attract New Members After The Join Free Promotion

“I believe in the @weightwatchers program so much I decided to invest, join the Board, and partner in #wwfamily evolution.” — Oprah Winfrey (@Oprah) October 19, 2015

oprah weight watchers promotion

You can imagine that other diets couldn’t afford to watch the Oprah buzz around Weight Watchers sitting down, so there a couple of other good offers on the table this weight loss season:

Only time will tell how long the Oprah effect helps Weight Watchers, but you can see the excitement reflected in the stock price, which promptly doubled the month of her tweet. (I’m sure Oprah was the MOST excited, as she owns 6 million shares of Weight Watchers!)

free disney family stick figure car decal

Free Disney Family Decal: Stick Figure Car Sticker

disney parks logoEver see those Disney decals on the back of cars with the stick figure families? Now you can design and get your own decal free from Disney Parks.

Add mouse ears, a princess hat, a turkey leg, or even the family dog to the design. Hey, you can even see the castle in the background! There are a bunch of free design options, but for some “premium” accessories, you’ll have to share your email address. (still free, though!)

Freebie: Get free Disney stick figure family decal

disney_stick figure family decal free
free disney family stick figure decal

free disney car family decal

Free stick figure family car decals from Disney Parks

disney parks logoThese decals are really fun to make, (did i mention it’s free?) so grab the kids and design yours today!

So what if Disney keeps raising the price of park admission to the stratosphere… they’re offering free stickers! (ha, ha) Check it out, and make your own free decal today.

Related coupon: Get your Disney photos printed at, and use a coupon for 50% off prints

free turbotax filing freedom edition

Turbotax Free File: 2017 Free Federal Version – Free State?

turbotax logoFile your Federal taxes for free with TurboTax Free Edition: It’s tax season, and while you still have time until the 2017 tax deadline, you should roll up your sleeves and start collecting all those tax forms that you’ll need to start filing your taxes soon.

If you don’t own a home, have dependents or are a student, your might consider filing your simple tax return with TurboTax Free Edition 2017. Federal efile is free, state file is usually extra unless Intuit is running a promotion:

turbotax free version 2016 bannerTurboTax Free Federal, State fees extra

20% off TurboTax Deluxe here. (more complex tax returns)
Click to view all coupons for Turbo Tax

free kittens turbotax

Can You File State Taxes Free With TurboTax in 2017?

coupon shareState filing fees are usually extra, so the “free” applies only to your federal taxes. As a special promotion last year, TurboTax did off free state file, but that was the only time I’ve seen it.

How Much Does TurboTax State File Cost? Are there Coupons for State File?

While Federal eFile is free, the cost for state file is $39.99. (2017) You can use a coupon for Federal and state filing to reduce this cost by about 10%. You’ll see the initial discount on the software, and a 10% discount when you file your state tax return. State filing fees are the same for all versions, including the Home & Business 2017 edition of TurboTax.

TurboTax Freedom Edition Vs. Free Version: What’s the Difference?

The TurboTax Federal Free Edition is part of the standard lineup of TurboTax products from Intuit and is meant for simple tax returns. There is no limit on income level with the “free” version.

The TurboTax Freedom Edition is intended for lower-income tax filers regardless of the simplicity of their tax return. The Freedom Edition is offered through the IRS Free File Alliance Program. State returns are free with the Freedom Edition. More at

feed a bee free flower seeds

Free Seed Packet of Bee-Attracting Flowers: Freebie from

Bees need flowers, and you need freebies! (that’s what they call a “symbiotic” relationship)

Just click over to and click the box that says, “send me a free seed packet for a packet of seeds.” They have selected seeds for wild flowers that bees love.

Get this freebie at

free bee flower seedsMake this into a fun little activity, and teach your kids how important bees are to our world. (Without them, there wouldn’t be a viable food chain)

Also, remember that bees (pollinators) prefer sunny places, so be sure to pick out a sunny spot to plant the seeds!

Get your free seed packet to grow flowers for bees. After you receive your seeds, check their site for planting tips, growing tips and special ways you can support pollinator health. Make sure to share your flowers’ growing progress online using #FeedABee

Need to send flowers? Save 15-20% with a coupon:

shutterfly free magnet coupon

Shutterfly: Free Magnet – Saves Up to $9

shutterfly logoShutterfly Free Photo Magnet Promotion: Want to get a free sample magnet from Shutterfly? Maybe you were thinking of giving these away as gifts, or just want to tack one on the next time you order prints; either way, it’s a great little coupon that will save you up to $9, depending on which magnet style you go with.

shutterfly free magnet love

Free Magnet from

Magnets make great little gifts for any occasion, and in my opinion, Shutterfly has the nicest selection around. Choose options like rounded corners, add text, or just go with something classic. Either way, these are some smart little photo gifts; and hey… why not try one out for free. Either add a magnet to your order, or just pay for shipping. (About $1.50)

shutterfly free collage magnet

Shutterfly Free Sample Magnet Options

Choose to narrow your search for the perfect magnet by size, number of photos, color, collage, or collection. Remember, now that refrigerators are fancy stainless steel, you’ll want to make sure you have a good spot to stick your magnet.

shutterfly free magnet collage

Free Magnets from Shutterfly + More Coupons

Before placing your order for a free magnet, check to see if that’s ultimately the best coupon to go with. For example, there is a sale right now for 50% off site-wide at Shutterfly, so if you’re buying 3 or 4 magnets, you’ll get a better deal going with that code.


shutterfly free wedding invites

Shutterfly: 5 Free Wedding Invitations (5×7) – Free Samples

shutterfly logoYou already know that Shutterfly prints photos and all kinds of personalized gifts like photo books and calendars, but did you know that they print beautiful wedding invitations?

No? Well, most people don’t think of them when it comes to wedding invites, so they are trying to change that by offering 5 free wedding invites. (5×7″) Add them to your order for free, or pay only for shipping! (about $2)

free wedding invitations from shutterfly

Details of Free Wedding Invites Coupon

  • This promo code is good for 5 free 5×7” wedding invitations for new customers only
  • Coupon can only be redeemed once per billing address.
  • The trim options and paper type must be the same for all invites.
  • Not valid on other size invitations, or on foil-stamped cards, photo paper cards, or mix and match invites
  • Shipping cost applies

shutterfly free wedding invites coupon

More About Free Shutterfly Wedding Invites

Whether you are looking for invitations with, or without photos, Shutterfly has a lot of great design templates that are searchable by theme, trim options and more.

Skipping the free samples and thinking of ordering your wedding invitations through Shutterfly today? Grab a coupon code online before placing any order on their site, as they always have promotions going on. You can find the latest list of their promo codes and free shipping offer here.

Shutterfly is the sister site of Wedding Paper Divas which actually has a lot more selection than Shutterfly, and they are offering free samples right now as well. You can also find coupons for WPD for up to a 30% discount to help bring the price down.

shutterfly free wedding invites_photo

shutterfly free wedding nvitations

Shutterfly Free Sample Wedding Invitations

Although they call these “free samples,” if you can get that guest list down another 200 people, maybe 5 invitations are all you’re going to need! And think how much you’ll save on the reception! (The bride’s Dad will be so happy; not sure about anyone else though)

free sample wedding invitations shutterfly


proflowers free shipping

ProFlowers: Free Shipping Coupon for Weekday Delivery – Really!

proflowers logoLike me, you may have tried in vain to get past the $15 service and delivery charge that popular florists like ProFlowers charge. Well, the good news is that we found a way to get free delivery at

Hidden on their on-site coupon page, there is currently a link to an entire page of bouquets that ship free on weekdays from Tuesday to Friday. It actually works too, as I just tried it out!

proflowers free delivery code

Free shipping feels so good on your face!

2 Dozen roses – $30 with free shipping at ProFlowers

You’ve probably heard the saying, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” which is true, and that usually applies to the high delivery fees charged by online florists. However, sometimes you find a hole in The Matrix which gets you a great deal; in this case, the unheard of “white buffalo” that is “free shipping” at a major online florist.

So, as I mentioned, I just found such a deal; sending a bouquet of 2 dozen roses that would have cost me about $45, but subtract the shipping and service charge, and it dropped my total to $30!

The only time their free shipping coupon didn’t work immediately

So, I’ve already used the free delivery link twice on a couple of nice bouquets of roses, but would it work on their cheapest bouquet? I tried adding their $19.99 roses to my cart, and all was well until the last checkout screen where i saw that the pesky shipping charges had reappeared.

Knowing that the promotion should include all flowers on the designated “free shipping” page, I gave a call. They told me to place the order, and then they manually took off the $15 delivery charge. (I had to confirm my order number and shipping address with them)  A dozen mixed roses delivered next day for $20? You can’t beat that!


Martha Stewart’s Profile on + 7 Day Free Trial logoMartha Stewart Tries + a Free 7 Day Trial – Who knew that you could get a full week for free on, and that Martha Stewart is one of the recent people to try it out?

martha stewart profile

Martha Stewart Profile on

Apparently Martha was trying out for free as part of a recent promotion that they aired on The Today Show. Not surprising she listed “cooking” and “gardening” as some of her hobbies. Martha described her self as “entrepreneurial,” and on her profile added:

So while I’m open to all kinds of people, and love to be surprised, here’s what I know I appreciate in a man: Someone who’s intelligent, established, and curious; and who relishes adventure and new experiences as much as I do. Someone who can teach me new things. A lover of animals, grandchildren, and the outdoors. Young at heart.

When asked what type of a man she was looking for, Martha Stewart said, “I’d like to have breakfast with somebody,” Stewart admitted. “I’d like to go to bed with somebody. Sleep with somebody.”

Here’s the full article from the Today Show – If you do sign up for, make sure you decide on continuing your membership before the end of the free trial period. A lot of angry consumers complain after their cards are charged when the free period ends!

By the way, did you happen to catch Martha Stewart at the Justin Beiber Roast? She was hilarious! Here’s a clip from Comedy Central:

martha stewart cat