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Vistaprint Checks Coupon: 25% Off

logo vistaprint redNew coupon for personal bank checks from If you are looking to get personal or business checks printed, Vistaprint has a number of inexpensive options.

They also have weekly deals that include checks, so you can save an extra 25% and even get free shipping as a new customer:

Hmmm… Where Are Their Checks?

It can be hard to find checks at The easiest way to find them is under, “All Products” like this:

where vistaprint checks

Using a Vistaprint check coupon 

You can get a discount on checks in two different ways:

  1. Just click over to from one of the promotional links above, and the discount will apply
  2. Use a promo code at checkout, and the discount will be applied to your cart. You can always try more than one code to get the best deal.

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Vistaprint has Both Business & Personal Checks

While most people buy their personal wallet checks, they have several options including:

  • Business wallet checks: Professional design options that fit your company’s image
  • Personal wallet checks: (most popular) A number of simple or fun design templates with optional duplicates
  • Three-to-a-page business checks: Paying bills and record-keeping are easy with professional side-tear checks for small business
  • Computer checks: Print checks from your home or office any time.

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Checks: Customer Reviews

When viewing the “checks” page at Vistaprint, you’ll see that there are over 1,200 customer reviews for checks. These are worth skimming, as you might learn from others’ good or negative reviews.

Although most reviews are positive, there were some (valuable) complaints in which customers had trouble reordering checks with the correct check number sequence. More than one customer typed in the wrong routing number, so double check your numbers!

where is check routing number

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Vistaprint: 100 Free Business Cards? Not Really, Here’s a Better Promo

logo vistaprint redFree business cards from There’s an ongoing promotion that you’ve probably heard of by now for “free” business cards from Vistaprint. To make a long story short, you only save $5 or so going with these free economy-quality cards, as you still have to pay for shipping. I say go with their $500 for $9.99 deal instead. Here’s a link to both promotions for comparison:

vistaprint business cards

Vistaprint’s free business cards aren’t free; you still have to pay shipping

“There is no such thing as a free lunch. If you want to enjoy something you have to pay for it.” – Charles Hall

Ah, well said, Charles, and such is the case with Vistaprint’s free business cards. For years this was their signature promotion, and it really did wonders for their brand. The money they lost on giving away free business cards surely was a good investment.

But, times have changed, and they really don’t need to get their name out there at a loss any more. Not only to they give away fewer business cards for free (used to be 250), but now they are referred to as “economy” business cards. For years they also added their logo on the back of the card, which screamed, “cheap-o!”

Ouch! That’s not how most successful entrepreneurs get started. Maybe they would be good for your “economy” business, but who wants cheap-looking business cards, unless you are dropping them in a fish bowl to win a free lunch. (ironic!)

Skip the free business cards and spend $15 bucks on nicer ones

freebiespot womanAnyway, in this case you should gladly accept the up-sell you get on their site. skip the free cards and consider their “500 business cards for $10” deal (read review) instead. With shipping it ends up being under $15 for 500 “standard” business cards, which are nice enough to get the job done in most cases.

*Tip: If you are on their site looking at the standard business cards, scroll down and you’ll see customer reviews. Consumer affairs is where you’ll find negative reviews, which are helpful to read, too

Vistaprint’s “free” business cards: limited design selection

On top of being printed on thinner paper, you’ll be limited in design templates for their free business cards. Do you still need reason’s to skip their free business cards promo? Actually, you might find a use for them in other creative ways. Like as tickets for an event or something. Or, maybe you print them for your kids’ lemonade stand?

No one gives away free business cards any more

I just searched for similar promotions, and this is actually as good as it gets. I estimate Vistaprint must lose $3-5 every time someone uses this promotion, so it’s purely an investment to get your contact info and hope that you remain a customer. Well, no other printing services dare match this offer, so kudos to for being the “tallest midget in the room” when it comes to free business cards!

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Finish Line Free Shipping: 3 Tricks to Get Free Delivery, Any Order!

free shipping mailmanHow to get free shipping on any order at So, last week I needed to buy a pair of shoes for my son for school, as it seems his feet grow about a half size every month. Not only are the shoes he wanted expensive, but shipping costs $10 at Finish Line!

That’s not ok. After doing some research, I realized that there are a few “hacks,” as the kids say, to avoid paying for shipping. Here are your best options:

#1: Finish Line: FREE SHIPPING no minimum

Who knew that there is an entire section of hundreds of styles of shoes at that ship for free with no minimum? It’s true, and because there are over 1000 shoe styles that ship free, the easiest thing to do is sort by size and brand.

The reason why this trick is great is that most all of the shoes in the free shipping section are eligible for discounts from any of the current Finish Line coupon codes, so you get a double-discount!

They will usually also feature free shipping w/ no minimum on at least one major brand, like Nike, PUMA, or Adidas, every month. *The downside is that sale or clearance shoes of that featured brand are often excluded. We post these sneaky codes or sales at our deals page.

#2: FREE SHIPPING on any order, delivered to your local store

So, maybe the shoes you want aren’t in the free shipping section? Here’s another trick to getting free delivery: just specify ship to store at checkout, and choose your nearest store location for pickup. If your shoes or boots are in-stock, you can pick them up same-day. If they aren’t, they will arrive in about 2-3 days.

The advantage to this method (as opposed to buying the shoes in-store) is that you can use any of their online promo codes to get a better price. (Printable coupons are non-existent) So, if you have a Finish Line store in town, consider this to be a good option. If you live an hour outside of Fargo, then skip this method!

Unlike “ship to home,” there are also no shoes excluded from free delivery when they are shipped to a Finish Line store.

#3: Finish Line: FREE SHIPPING on $75+ w/code

Apparently the cost of shoes, college, and Disney World have all doubled in the last decade, (while personal income has stayed the same) so most shoes now cost over $75. While this is not good for our society, at least it means that a ton of shoes are eligible for the “free shipping on $75+” code from

The downside of this method is that an actual free shipping code is only available half the time, and it requires a minimum order. Another negative is that you can only use one code at a time, so by using a Finish Line free shipping code, you won’t be able to use one for a percent-off discount.

Well, even though the downside of the in-store “trick” is that you actually have to leave the house, it’s a good option for a lot of people. There’s a Finish Line store in the mall near my house, and I’d rather stop in and get my shoes that I paid less for (using a promo code online) while avoiding the $10 shipping charge! I hope one of these tricks works out for you, as I believe shipping should be as free as a wild stallion running freely, in the land of the free!