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EyeBuyDirect BOGO Coupon: (Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Baby!)

eye buy logoEye Buy Bogo Promo: (Whoa, that sounds like a Swahili proverb, or something!) So, unless you have super-human organizational skills and discipline, you probably lose and break things. Like, your glasses for example.

That’s why it’s a good idea to order two pairs at once. Not only are you surrendering to the universal certainty that you are going to eventually lose that first pair, but you’re going to save on shipping charges, too. (shipping one pair is about the same cost as shipping two pairs)

Well, you’re in luck, because this month, one of the top stores online for glasses, has a Bogo deal. (Buy One, Get One Free)

Eye Buy Direct BOGO Coupon

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eyeglasses eye buy

This BOGO deal includes free shipping on $99!

I don’t know if you’re going to spend $99+ after getting that second pair of glasses free, but if you do, your whole order will ship free! That means on a $100 order, you could conceivably save over $50. Not bad!

Bogo is their best coupon

Most of the coupons out there for eyebuydirect (not “eye bye direct”) top out at around a 25% discount. I’m no math whiz, but when you buy one and then get one free (bogo, baby!) it works out to be a 50% discount. Sweet!

Also, check their reviews and complaints, as they are usually pretty good. You can also find new coupons on their facebook page.


walgreens photo canvas coupon

Walgreens Photo CANVAS Coupon: 20-50% Off

walgreens photo logoCoupon for canvas prints at Walgreens: If you are looking to print your photos on canvas at Walgreens, grab a coupon code first!

In fact, they update their coupons every few days, and there is always a coupon available that works towards canvas and photo gifts of all types.

walgreens canvas photo coupon

Walgreens Photo Canvas Prints & Sizes

It’s simple to turn your digital photo(s) into works of art. In fact, you really just need to upload your photos, and make adjustments with the Walgreens Photo online design tool. That’s it!

Canvas prints have a matte finish and are available as both framed (floating black frame) or unframed canvas prints.

Canvases include hardware for hanging, and are available in the following sizes: 8×10, 11×14, 12×12, 16×20, 20×24, and 20×30.

sample walgreens canvas photo

Canvas: Same day pickup available

walgreens photo logoNeed your canvases in a hurry? Skip expensive rush shipping and choose “same day pickup” at your closest Walgreens Photo Center.

Same day printing is available for these sized canvases: 8×10, 11×14, 12×12, 16×20

*Not sold on Walgreens? Consider using a coupon for free shipping from Shutterfly here!

walgreens photo canvas review

Canvas Prices: (Before Coupon)

  • 8×10″ canvas: $29.99
  • 11×14″ canvas: $39.99
  • 12×12″ canvas: $49.99
  • 16×20″ canvas: $59.99
  • Check prices

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nutrisystem second order

New: Nutrisystem Promo Code for Your SECOND Order: ($20+ Off!)

Coupon for existing Nutrisystem customers: If you’ve searched for coupon codes for Nutrisystem diet, you’ve probably realized that they all seem to be for new customers.

Well, we’ve found an ongoing promo code that works for your second order towards any 4-week plan:

Promo codes for existing customers or second orders

money bagMost of the codes available for Nutrisystem are exclusively for new customers. This makes sense, because Nutrisystem is expensive when you pay for a month up front. Getting up to $100 off your first order is a great incentive.

But, what about a month later when you are ready to place your second order? Now, all of a sudden, those promotions for new customers won’t work.

We’re all about second chances here at FreebieSpot, so existing customers can rejoice!

We found the code above for an extra $20 off, and it works on second orders for existing customers. The code has renewed every month for a year now, so we’re not putting an expiration date on it.

This 2nd order code doesn’t have an expiration

However, if you find that the code has expired, please leave a comment below. Also, check out the other link above for today’s best codes. These coupons are updated daily, while this post isn’t, unless we get word that the code has changed.

Thanks, and good luck!

*Find more codes at their facebook page!

advance auto coupon 30 off

Advance Auto Parts: 30% Off Coupon, No Minimum

Advance Auto promo code for 30% off any order: Regardless of whether you buy your auto parts in store or online, you’ll need to know about Advance Auto Parts’ coupon code for 30% off any order.

Get today’s 30% off promo code…

Using it online is obvious; just enter it at checkout, but what if you prefer to shop in store, or want to buy an item that doesn’t ship, like a battery?

Hack: How to use the 30% off code in-store

money womanThe printable coupons for AAP are inferior to the online codes; you never get the best discount.

So, why not turn the online codes into “in-store” coupons?

To make their 30% off code work like a printable coupon, just specify “store pickup” at checkout while placing your order.

Your order will be ready in under an hour, already be paid for, and ready for pickup!

$50 maximum discount w/ all codes

Although there is usually no minimum order required, just keep in mind that there is a $50 maximum discount on all codes for Advance Auto Parts.

If you need any parts for your car or truck, you can’t beat this deal!

*Advance Auto on Facebook

coupons feed people

How Coupons Are Feeding People in Need

Jesus of Nazareth fed a crowd of thousands with two fish and five loaves of bread.

Short of inventing a food replicator a la the Star Trek series, humans can’t duplicate Jesus’ miracle, but we can find inventive ways to feed the hungry.

What if you could feed 150 people with only $20? (And no, we’re not talking about Ramen packs here; we’re talking real food.)

More people would probably spread the joy of food to the homeless and hungry if food were so cheap, right?

But a few people around the United States found a way to make their money go farther when feeding the poor.

It’s called extreme couponing and it’s not just for the obsessive penny pincher anymore.

Lauren Puryear Plans to Feed 30,000

Before Lauren Puryear of Woodbridge, Virginia began extreme couponing, she fed the poor with donations and her own pocket money.

She ran a non-profit called For the Love of Others and the money they had wasn’t enough to do the good they wanted to do.

But ever since she and her non-profit adopted extreme couponing, they’ve made donations go farther.

How much farther?

From September 2016 to March 2017 she fed 26,000 people with only $500. That’s getting pretty close to the miracle of the loaves and fishes.

And it seems like Lauren Puryear is going to make and exceed her goal of feeding 30,000 by September 14th, 2017 (her 30th birthday).

You might think that extreme couponing would take all of Lauren’s time during the week. But it’s actually a rather short affair.

Lauren only spends about 5-10 hours a week snipping out coupons.

Of course, she recruits family and friends to help, but for an activity that feeds thousands of people each month, you can’t beat that time commitment cost.

Other People Extreme Couponing to Feed the Poor

Other organizations took note of Lauren Puryear’s success.

The southern branch of the New Jersey Community Food Bank is trying their luck with extreme couponing in Atlantic City.

And the Touch Feeding Ministry in Asbury run by a Reverend William Williams III also took on the practice for their program.

Jerry Ascione of Coral Springs, FL hit upon extreme couponing back in 2002.

He noticed a coupon for Walgreens (his place of employment) in a local free classifieds paper that was worth more than the price of the item. He realized the store policy was to pay out the difference at checkout.

This was when he had the brilliant idea to give the money and the goods he obtained with these “moneymaker deals” to the homeless.

He now drives around handing out free food, water, and money during his time off. He sees hunger as an epidemic in our country and he wants to do something about it.

And by doing so, his faith in humanity has soared. He recalls one time when he gave someone food and they shared it with a friend before digging in themselves.

You Too Can Feed the Hungry

While extreme couponing might be the most cost-saving way to feed the hungry, you don’t have to be an extreme couponer to do so.

It just takes seeing someone in need and filling that need.

So, go and give. Your life will never be the same.


Weight Watchers: Join Free, Free Cookbook, 1 Free Month! (Save $67)

logo weight watchersThinking about joining Weight Watchers? They run deals every week for new customers, but this offer is pretty good, and includes free signup.

In an attempt to get you to signup for a longer period, 6 months, they are waiving the signup fee, giving you your first month free, and throwing in their popular cookbook for free. Check it out:

weight watchers free signup

Why this is a good deal

Regardless of how long you signup, this is one of the best deals I’ve seen for Weight Watchers. The appeal here is that you can choose their 6 month subscription and pay nothing up front.

You’ll also lock in at a super-low weekly rate on the 3 or 6-month subscription. Here’s a comparison:

  • Join for 1-month: $19.95 (closest thing to a “free trial”)
  • Join for 3-months: $39.95 (free signup)
  • Join for 6-months: $0 up-front, 1 free month + $19.95 per month

Free signup: all Weight Watchers Plans

All subscriptions include free signup, so if you are on the fence, you can even do the 1-month subscription and only “risk” $19.95.

Consider adding meetings, as they make the success rates double.

Keep in mind that when you choose a subscription length, you are committing to at least that long of a membership.

If you cancel before the initial commitment, you have to pay a $20 cancellation fee.

The first month and Weight Watchers Cookbook are freebies

When you join for 6 months, the first month is free, and they send you a free cookbook. Not bad, but make sure you are ready to commit to 6 months before selecting that option.

If you don’t care about the cookbook, then the shorter, 3-month subscription is probably better.

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vistaprint check coupon

Vistaprint Checks Coupon: 25% Off

logo vistaprint redNew coupon for personal bank checks from If you are looking to get personal or business checks printed, Vistaprint has a number of inexpensive options.

They also have weekly deals that include checks, so you can save an extra 25% and even get free shipping as a new customer:

Hmmm… Where Are Their Checks?

It can be hard to find checks at The easiest way to find them is under, “All Products” like this:

where vistaprint checks

Using a Vistaprint check coupon 

You can get a discount on checks in two different ways:

  1. Just click over to from one of the promotional links above, and the discount will apply
  2. Use a promo code at checkout, and the discount will be applied to your cart. You can always try more than one code to get the best deal.

vistaprint cat checks

Vistaprint has Both Business & Personal Checks

While most people buy their personal wallet checks, they have several options including:

  • Business wallet checks: Professional design options that fit your company’s image
  • Personal wallet checks: (most popular) A number of simple or fun design templates with optional duplicates
  • Three-to-a-page business checks: Paying bills and record-keeping are easy with professional side-tear checks for small business
  • Computer checks: Print checks from your home or office any time.

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vistaprint check design plain

Checks: Customer Reviews

When viewing the “checks” page at Vistaprint, you’ll see that there are over 1,200 customer reviews for checks. These are worth skimming, as you might learn from others’ good or negative reviews.

Although most reviews are positive, there were some (valuable) complaints in which customers had trouble reordering checks with the correct check number sequence. More than one customer typed in the wrong routing number, so double check your numbers!

where is check routing number