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ftd shipping shipping rates

FTD’s Shipping Rates & Service Fees

ftd logo roundHow much does shipping really cost at If you have ever placed an order from FTD, (or any florist) you know that the delivery charges are a significant part of the total expenses for any order. (Always use a coupon!) 

FTD does not list shipping and service fees on their site, because they are expensive and confusing. The price of shipping calculated based on the delivery location and the specific products in your order, and not revealed until the end of the checkout process.

In fact, if you place more than one order for flowers a year, consider joining FTD Gold for free shipping, as it pays for itself after the first order. Having said that, it’s still possible to estimate FTD shipping rates.

FTD Shipping Rates: 

 Standard Shipping:Same-Day / 2-Day Delivery:Saturday:
Flowers$17.99+$17.99+ (same-day)$17.99+
Plants:$19.99$19.99 (2-day)$29.99
Gifts:$11.99-19.99$16.99-29.99 (2-day)$29.99

*In general, you should expect to pay $18 shipping / service fees on an average order of flowers at

Shipping Considerations:

  • Residential deliveries: If the recipient is not home, the flowers will be left in a safe place if possible. If not, delivery will be attempted the next day. (on holidays as late as 9pm)
  • Business deliveries: If the business is closed or not accepting deliveries, delivery will be attempted the next day (on holidays as late as 5pm)
  • Sunday / Monday delivery is not available for “Standard” shipping of flowers, plants, or gifts
  • Sunday / Monday delivery is available at the same price for flowers in the “same-day delivery” section
  • Saturday delivery orders must be placed before 2pm EST on Friday. The shipping rates may be cheaper if you select your flowers from the “same-day delivery” section
  • Flat shipping cost: The price of the bouquet or plant does not affect the shipping / service fee. The mailing address is the most important factor for shipping rate
  • Alaska & Hawaii 2-day delivery: Add $12.99 to the shipping prices

TIP: The “same-day delivery” section may be cheaper, and more convenient

I recently went to the homepage of FTD and chose a bouquet to send. During the checkout process, I was asked to choose a delivery date, and got this calendar with delivery options:

ftd standard shipping rates

Now, when I chose a similar bouquet from their “same-day delivery” section, I not only got better prices, but more options for delivery:

ftd delivery shipping calendar rates

Shipping rates for a common order of flowers

Notice how Saturday, Sunday, and Monday delivery now become an option, and at no additional cost? It’s worth trying, as it might save you $10 on shipping!

How does FTD calculate delivery costs and service fees?

Flowers are unique because they are highly-perishible, and the orders are usually fulfilled by a network of local florists. This means that getting truly free shipping is highly unlikely, as companies like FTD have to pay the local florists to deliver each bouquet.

Shipping rates are calculated based mostly on your location. If you live in a highly populated area like a city or suburb, there are more local florists in FTD’s network nearby. That makes delivering flowers convenient and less time-consuming for them, so your delivery fees will be less.

If you live 30 minutes from the nearest florist, that makes delivering a specific bouquet problematic, and you might see higher shipping and service fees. That means on any single order, your best bet might be to use a 20% off coupon instead.

Is there any way to beat their high shipping rates? 

Paying for shipping at online florists is like death and taxes, and you can’t totally avoid it. However, if you order flowers at least twice a year, your best bet is FTD Gold which buys you free shipping for a year for about $20.

They have been heavily promoting this service lately, and it has created a lot of loyal customers. At the end of the day, does it really matter whether you order from FTD, 1800flowers, or ProFlowers? (Their shipping rates are also expensive and confusing) Not really, and FTD actually owns ProFlowers, so why not just place all of your orders for flowers from FTD and go with the Gold membership. It pays for itself in about one order!


ProFlowers (Confusing) Shipping Costs Explained

logo proflowers topHow much does ProFlowers shipping cost, and how long does it take? If you’ve ever ordered flowers online, you know that shipping fresh flowers is expensive. ProFlowers is no different, and they add even more confusion into the process by not having consistent shipping rates. states, “We calculate the appropriate shipping and service charges based on a number of factors, including time of year, delivery location, desired delivery date, product selection and other factors.”

What does ProFlowers shipping cost? 

Here’s the estimated shipping charges from their site, which is not helpful:

  • Standard Delivery: $7.99 to $39.99 (Really?!)
  • Standard Service Charge: $12.99 to $29.99
  • Care & Handling: $2.99

*ADDITIONAL shipping charges:

  • Saturday Delivery: Extra $4.99 to $19.99
  • Monday Delivery: Extra $4.99 to $9.99
  • Same-Day Shipping: Add $4.99-$9.99
  • Morning Delivery (before 12pm) Add $14.99

Um, So What Does ProFlowers Shipping ACTUALLY Cost? 

What? So, according to the chart, their shipping could cost you anywhere from $10 to about $80 depending on a few variables. The annoying thing is that ProFlowers won’t give you a shipping total until the last page of checkout.

Makes it harder to quit your order after you’ve invested 10 minutes, right? So, I went through the process of placing two orders for flowers to figure out what they would charge me for delivery. Turns out that for most orders, ProFlowers charges about $15 for shipping

Two Sample Orders to Determine Shipping Costs:

These are the typical “average” orders that most people place, for flowers under $70 that are delivered on a weekday, 5 days from today. Here’s what they charged me for shipping:

ORDER #1: A bouquet of roses costing $29.99

proflowers shipping cost

*In this case, shipping cost $12.99 + $2.99 for “care & handling.

So, my shipping total was $15.98

ORDER #2: A bouquet of roses with chocolate strawberries costing $59.99

proflowers shipping fees

In this case the delivery cost was higher, but no “care & handling” fee? Interesting…

So, my shipping total was $14.99

Tips for Lower ProFlowers Shipping Costs

I tried a adding a couple more bouquets to determine shipping, and each time the ProFlowers shipping price ended up being about $15 for a single bouquet.

Based on my confusing experience, here’s my advice:

  • Monday and Saturday delivery costs more: Choose a delivery date of Tuesday through Friday to avoid an extra $9.99 fee
  • Delivery time is from 9am to 8pm, but avoid specifying a morning delivery time before 12pm to avoid an extra $14.99 fee
  • Don’t procrastinate: Avoid same-day delivery (if possible) to avoid an extra $4.99+ fee
  • Don’t send flowers to Alaska or Hawaii, as it’s an extra $19.99 fee! (There are plenty of flowers in Hawaii already)

Tip-Toe Through the Tulips (and Shipping-Fee Landmines) 

flower delivery happy woman

It says, “sorry your husband got hit by a train”

So, how much does shipping really cost? If you avoid all the potential landmines and extra fees above, shipping will cost a total of about $15.

Actually, shipping issues and prices are the reason for most of the bad reviews for ProFlowers, so it’s good that you are doing your homework. If you are sending multiple bouquets, or to more than one address, it will cost more.

ProFlowers Has a “Free Shipping” Page!

There is a sneaky page on with about 2 dozen popular bouquets that all ship free. You can’t use extra coupons towards these items, but you save $15 by not paying for shipping!

ProFlowers Shipping Times

Assume that your flowers will take 5 business days to arrive with standard shipping. You can also pay more for next-day, or same-day shipping. You can read all about their shipping on the “shipping FAQs” section of their website:

Shipping FAQs –

More shipping times and costs: Vistaprint shipping times & costs | Snapfish shipping costs and times | Walgreens Photo Shipping times & costs | Tiny Prints Shipping info

Good luck! Let us know your experience with ProFlowers shipping below: 

shutterfly free 8x8 photo book

Shutterfly: FREE 8×8 (Hardcover) Photo Book – Saves $30!

New Shutterfly customers get a free 8×8 photo book – One of the better deals for new accounts is this freebie for an 8×8 hardcover photo book. ($30 value!) These are great to add to an order, or just pay $7.99 for shipping.

free 8x8 book shutterfly

Free Shutterfly 8×8 photo book: travel, Disney, baby, more!

Whether it’s to preserve memories from a Disney or beach vacation, or as a Mother’s Day gift, an 8×8 photo book is a great gift idea. They have a ton of design templates, too; everything from Star Wars and Disney to year in review, wedding, birthday party or welcome baby.

They also have “story telling” designs, which are a great way to use your photos to tell the story of any of life’s occasions. Just look for the “S” icon.  Here are some sample 8×8 book designs:

sample shutterfly 8x8 book designs

sample shutterfly 8×8 book designs

Using this freebie at

Just add an 8×8 book to your cart, and use the promo code at checkout! It might combine with other codes if you have items, like prints, in your cart. The 8×8 photo book is shipped at shutterfly’s “economy” speed, and takes about 6-8 days to arrive.

Need photo book design ideas? Check out Shutterfly photo books on

how cancel membership How to QUICKLY Cancel a Subscription or Free Trial

match blue logoWant to cancel your membership before being billed (again)? Like a bad ex-boyfriend, they don’t want to see you go, but we can help.

Once the “honeymoon” ends, can be costly, charging you about $50 per month the minute your promotional rate or free trial period ends. Want to dump them? Here’s how to cancel a free trial or membership:

How to cancel a subscription:

  • Log into, and roll your mouse over the little gear shape at the top
  • Click on the settings link like this:

cancel match free trial

  • Under your account info, click the link that says, “Change / Cancel Membership”

cancel match com free trial step 2

  • On the next screen, click “Cancel Membership and remove profile”:

cancel match com step 3

  • Be sure to get a confirmation saying, your membership has been cancelled.” 

cancel subscription step 4 membership cancelled / deactivated

You’ll be notified that:

  • Your profile and photos are no longer visible to others.
  • You will no longer receive the email publications that you requested.
  • You will receive an email confirming your subscription or free trial membership cancellation.
  • You may use your current registration information to sign in any time within one year.
  • You may return and “unhide” your profile any time within one year.
  • Happy Fun Ball may stick to certain types of skin
  • You do not have to do anything further to complete your membership cancellation.
  • You can return within 180 days if you want to subscribe to (get coupon)

And that, “Our millions of members are going to miss seeing your smiling face. Good luck in love and thank you.”

Wow, missed by millions of people. Not even Donald Trump will be able to say that in 2020!

Messy breakup? You may have to contact customer service

Anyway, if you have a billing problem after a messy breakup with, contact customer service:

Tell us about your experience with below!

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterest Prices: How Much it Costs Per Month

So, what does really cost? It’s America’s most popular dating site, but they don’t make their rates and fees obvious. In summary, the longer subscriptions are cheaper per month, with the 6-month subscription being the best deal. Also, new members can use a promo code to bring the price down further.

We researched the cost subscription pricing in detail, and here’s what we learned:

There are two subscription levels: BUNDLE or BASIC:

match subscription cost bundlemoney bagBefore joining, you’ll want to understand the difference between the two subscription levels. By default you’ll be presented with’s “Bundle” plan which has a few more features.

  • BUNDLE Plan: You’ll get: “Email read” notifications, “First Impressions” feature, and a better, “highlighted profile”
  • BASIC Plan: You can save about 10%, but it’s probably not worth it for what you give up.

Both “Bundle” and “Basic” plans include core features like the ability to search for matches and to contact other singles. Most people choose to spend the extra $2 or so per month to get the more robust Bundle plan. prices per month:

Here are the monthly costs for signup for the Bundle and Basic plans:

Subscription Length:BUNDLE Plan Cost:Basic Plan Cost:
1 MonthNA$40.99
3 Months$25.99 / month$22.99 / month
6 Months (Popular)$22.99 per month$19.99 / month
12 Months$19.99 / month$18.99 / month DISCOUNT monthly prices w/ promo code:

You can try their free trial before signing up, OR use a coupon to save an extra 25% on a subscription. Here are the the discounted prices for after applying this 25% off promo code

Discounted Subscription:Bundle Plan (Popular)Basic Plan*
1 MonthNA$30.74
3 Months$19.49 / month$17.24 / month
6 Months (Popular)$17.24 / month$14.99 / month
12 Months$14.99 / month$14.24 / month

*I update these prices often, but they might fluctuate slightly. You actually have to sign-in and click “subscribe” to view today’s discount pricing info on

Tips on pricing & billing

  • Initial cost: You are billed a one-time amount upfront for whatever length you commit to at the promotional price.
  • Monthly billing: When the promotional period ends, you are billed once each month at FULL-PRICE (up to $50/month!)
  • Tip: Turn off “auto-renewal” – To avoid unexpected costs after the promotional pricing ends, I recommend turning off auto-renewal after you signup. If you want to continue your subscription, you can turn it back on later.
  • Free Trial: If you aren’t familiar with, I recommend taking advantage of their free trial before joining. During your trial period, can click the “subscribe” button at any time to join.  Just be sure to cancel before the 3-7 day trial ends if you don’t want to be billed.
  • CancellationNot sold on 100% on Be sure to cancel 2 days before your subscription ends to avoid being billed for the next month

The 6-month subscription is the best deal

match blue logoSo, you probably realized that the “Basic” plan is a joke, but so is the 1-month plan. Really, it takes most people a couple of weeks just to get established on, so who really wants to pay double (monthly cost) to only join for only a month?

The 6-month subscription seems to hit the sweet spot of the best length, and best price. If you opt for longer, you’re not saving much more (per month), and you’re committing to an awfully long time.

What if you meet your soulmate after a couple months? There’s no need to commit to a 12-month membership in my opinion, unless you are committed to not settling down any time soon!

Also, the the 6-month subscription comes with the guarantee, stating that if you hven’t found someone really special in 6 months, they will credit you for another 6 months free. Yet another reason NOT to pay for a year up-front.

Avoid being billed at full price when the promotion ends: Turn OFF “auto-renewal”

woman surprisedIf you do sign up for, consider turning off auto-renewal immediately. Otherwise, you will be billed every month at regular price (about $50!) after your discounted subscription ends.

To turn it off, click account settings, and then change/cancel membership. You can always turn auto-renew back on, but it’s less of a hassle this way. complaints?

Most of the many complaints come from people who didn’t realize that would bill them each month at regular price after the promotional period ends. If you’re not familiar with how it works, try the free trial, and be ready to cancel before it ends. Also, be smart, and do research (like this!) to avoid billing confusion!


FTD Free Shipping w/ No Minimum? Here’s How With “FTD Gold”

ftd logo roundGetting free delivery on every order at w/ Gold Membership: Did you know that FTD’s “Gold Membership” ($20) gives you free shipping and no service fees for a year?

That means that FTD Gold, which requires no additional signup, pays for itself in less than 2 orders. So, if you intend to order flowers 2 or more times this year, it saves you money.

  • With Gold, you can get free shipping on top of their 20% off coupon! (click to apply discount; Gold Membership is optional at checkout)

Free Shipping Any Order w/ FTD Gold Membership: How It Works

About a year ago we signed up for Amazon Prime, which charges an annual fee for “free” shipping, and FTD Gold is a similar option. Amazon’s “free shipping” model has been so successful that there are now over 60 million members paying $99 a year for free shipping and other benefits like streaming media.

Not only does it work for their customers, but it’s been incredibly lucrative, as members of Prime spend almost twice as much annually as non-members. (although it’s killing retail stores!) That’s what FTD is hoping for with their “free” shipping membership, FTD Gold.

ftd gold free delivery

Here’s the popup I just got at FTD checkout

FTD Gold Cost? Pays for Itself In About 1 Order

I placed an order for flowers this past Valentine’s Day at and got hit with a $18 delivery / service fee. Ouch! After searching in vain for a free shipping coupon code for FTD, I returned to the site in frustration and placed my order. (with a tear running down my cheek) 

It wasn’t until recently that I realized I should have just added “FTD Gold” to my cart, at a similar price that I wasted on paying for delivery. The cost of Gold is about $20, and that’s about what you spend to ship one order at! Same thing goes for other florists like 1800flowers (get coupons) and ProFlowers (get coupons), as shipping + service fees are expensive, and seemingly unavoidable.

  • *Update: Proflowers (owned by FTD) now has a free shipping page! We have a link to it…

If you place 5 orders per year at FTD for flowers or gifts, Gold will save you about $65. That might sound like a high number of orders, but I place two orders every year on Mother’s Day alone, so for me it’s a savings.

Plus, FTD never releases promo codes for free shipping anymore. This is the only way to get it! Here’s more info:

 FTD Gold Member Benefits

  • Free shipping + no services fees w/ no minimum order requirement
  • Free same-day shipping included!
  • Additional discounts and savings year-round for members
  • Any orders for gifts, like chocolates and cookies, are shipped in a nice gift box
  • No additional signup, just login with your same email address and password
  • Shipping and service fees automatically waived at checkout
  • You can still use FTD coupons for an additional discount
  • 1 year of membership for about $20
  • Optional seven day free trial of

In closing…

If you get your flowers at a local florist, or order them online about once every couple of years, then skip paying for FTD Gold. Personally, I’ve been discouraged from ordering flowers online specifically because shipping is so expensive. Knowing that I won’t pay for delivery (after the initial $20) actually encourages me to send flowers on certain occasions like birthdays when I wouldn’t have before.

Reminds me of how I now shop from Finish Line’s free shipping section to avoid delivery fees on their site, too!

Paying for “free” shipping is an interesting business model that more online stores are offering. For any stores that you buy from on a regular basis, it’s worth considering. You might not only save considerable money, but feel better about placing orders!


» Shutterfly: Free 8×10 Print – Saves $8!

logo shutterflyGet a free 8×10 photo enlargement at The popular promotion for a free 8×10 print is back for at least a month! Save $8, when you choose signature cardstock.

Like all freebies from shutterfly, you have to pay for shipping, so sometimes it’s best to add it to an order with another item. That way, it averages the cost of shipping down.

shutterfly 8x10 print coupon

Free 8×10″ photo print from

Get a free 8×10 enlargement with no purchase necessary. Choose their signature cardstock, and you save $8! Hopefully you’ll find a picture as amazing as the one we’re featuring on this site!

Tip: add a chicken to any portrait to make it AWESOME!


turbotax not free taxes lobby

NOT Free? Why TurboTax Lobbies Against FREE & Simple Tax Returns

logo turbotax freeTurboTax doesn’t like “free” tax – For most Americans, the dread of tax season begins long before the calendar turns to April. When the first tax form comes in, Americans face a dreaded question of whether they want to put in all of the information themselves or pay a professional to do it for them.

Neither is a great option, as both of them require a time commitment and the compilation of all necessary forms and information to make sure that the return is as accurate as possible.

But what if there was a third option: having the return already prepared for you by the IRS and simply having to give it a once-over to confirm its accuracy?

Sound too good to be true? It is, for one reason: the tax preparation companies like TurboTax don’t want you to have that free option available to you.

Turbotax spends millions to lobby against free tax filing

turbotax lobbyist

Despite the fact that several European nations including Spain, Denmark, and Sweden already offer their citizens a return prepared by their government, TurboTax’s parent company Intuit and other tax preparation firms have been staunch opponents of bringing that same freedom to the United States. The reason is pretty simple: Intuit doesn’t want to lose the business of TurboTax customers who choose their software program to file their return.

Currently, TurboTax ranges from “free” for the most basic use to $135 for its top-of-the-line software. Most Americans don’t need the most expensive package, which is for small business owners, but neither do they qualify for the most basic level of tax preparation either, resulting in some kind of cost for them to figure out their taxes.

Having tax prep be “not free” is very lucrative for TurboTax

free signWhatever refund those Americans get isn’t the refund they receive, because before they can claim it, Intuit helps itself to a portion of the money as its fees for the service. That portion comes out to be just under $1.5 billion per year, an amount that Intuit doesn’t want to give up without a fight, as evidenced by the $13 million that the company has spent to lobby against bills that would give Americans the option of having the IRS compile their returns for them.

It’s no surprise that Intuit has fought so aggressively against such a program. Part of TurboTax’s appeal is that it’s supposedly the easiest and least expensive way to file taxes, as compared to meeting with an accountant and paying for their services. If an easier way exists, TurboTax’s appeal drops quite a bit, and in practice, the idea of having the IRS file returns for Americans has proven fairly popular.

The added irony is that the “free” version of TurboTax’s software can still cost you over $100 by the time you complete the filing process. Their premium versions can cost a lot more, even after the discount from a coupon or service code.

The state of California offered free filing of taxes

In California, the Ready Return program didn’t attract much attention, but the overwhelming majority of those few Californians who allowed the state to handle their return reported being happy with the process and said they would use it again.

That’s a problem for Intuit, which is why it’s openly admitted that it doesn’t want the government to be in the business of preparing returns for its potential customers. In the past few years, Intuit has gone as far as to claim that having the government file tax returns would be a massive expansion of big government, despite the fact that former president and noted small-government advocate Ronald Reagan was in favor of allowing the IRS to provide Americans with their returns.

Free federal tax returns would be optional

There’s another fact in there that Intuit doesn’t want its potential customers to know: nobody would be affected by such a change if they didn’t want to be. If someone didn’t trust the government’s math or liked the process of doing their own taxes, they’d still have the option to do their taxes themselves by opting out of return-free filing. Much like the program in California, which is now known as Calfile, an IRS filing would be completely optional for anyone who wants to take part.

But for those Americans in the other 49 states, TurboTax will remain one of only a few options for Americans for the foreseeable future. With so few options, all but the most tax-savvy of Americans will have no choice but to spend part of their hard-earned money on one of the most basic acts of citizenship there is… and in many cases, they’ll be giving that money to someone who wants to make sure that reality never changes!

Know someone who uses TurboTax? Please share:

best free tax file software

Best FREE Online Tax Preparation Software: Our Top Options for 2017

What is the best free online tax service to use in 2017? If you have a simple or 1040ez tax return, there are a number of free versions of tax software from popular brands. But, which is best for you, and is it truly free? We researched the most popular free tax sites online, and came up with our list of the best four options to consider.

Just remember that if you have a mortgage, claim dependents, or have other deductions, you might have to opt for one of the premium versions of the software. (with the exception of TaxAct, which can handle complex tax returns for free)

Paying up front for a premium or “deluxe” edition is often a good investment, costing less than what you could lose from a single missed deduction. Also, while these brands offer free filing of your Federal taxes, State fees are often extra unless you meet their qualifications including a maximum income threshold. Here’s our list of the best “free” tax software options:

#1 TurboTax

As one of the most user-friendly tax programs on the market, you should find that you have no problem using Turbo Tax. This really is the best free tax software that absolute novices can use with utter ease. One of the major pros of this tax software option is the fact that it imports tax documents from a vast variety of companies.

In fact, it may come as something of a surprise to learn that this particular software imports documents from 1.4 million financial institutions and other companies. I’m sure that you’ll agree that is seriously comprehensive; more so than many of the other downloads on the market.

To truly pay nothing to file with TurboTax AbsoluteZero, you must meet a number of qualifications, including that your adjusted gross income be under $31k. (Or, under $60k for military or those who are eligible for the earned income tax credit.)

The free version of TurboTax is pretty decent, however, there are also paid-for versions that are available including their popular Deluxe Edition. The cost of these forms of software tends to rise depending on how close the tax return deadline is. Make sure that you check out all the small print before you agree to anything. That way, you can be sure that you will never, ever get caught out.

#2: H&R Block

You’ve likely heard of the H&R Block free software before now. They do a ton of advertising during tax season, and there are hundreds of H&R Block office locations spread out through strip malls in every state.

Their website states that their free version is “best for first-time tax filers,” meaning that only simple returns will actually be free. While it’s true that this software is easy to use, there’s something you should know before you attempt to use it for yourself. You see, like TurboTax, the free version of H&R Block is only available for your Federal returns in most cases.

H&R Block has a number of qualifications for their software to truly be free including that your adjusted gross income not exceed $53k, and you must be under age 53. If you have a mortgage or are self-employed, consider their Deluxe Edition for as little as $25.

If you aren’t filing a 1040ez tax form, or you’re hoping to complete a more comprehensive version that searches for deductions, you will need to fork out money for the pleasure of doing so. That’s likely enough to put a fair few people off, but there are a whole load of advantages to using this tax accounting software.

If you need a little extra help along the way when it comes to filing your taxes, you should find that H&R Block is the perfect program for you. The helpful little ‘Learn More’ button is always available, which means that you should never have any problem understanding the software. All you have to do is click the tab and a short description box will open. Perfect. The navigation of the software should also be simple to follow; it works as a step-by-step platform which means you will never get lost.

#3: TaxACT

Again, this “free” software is only free when it comes to filing your Federal tax return. Still, it’s well worth your time and really is one of the best free tax software options on the market right now. Unlike it’s competitors TaxAct is not limited to simple tax returns, and can handle more complex tax situations than just 1040ez.

For a long time, it was hailed as one of the cheapest ways to do your taxes. However, you should know that there are a few costs to be considered before leaping at this opportunity. For example, if you need to itemize your accounts, you will actually need to use TaxACT Plus, which costs $14.99.

To qualify for the TaxAct Free File version, you must have an adjusted gross income under $52k.

So, what do you get with this tax software and why should you use it? Well, the security features on TaxACT are quite top-notch. For example, after just a few minutes of inactivity, the program will log you out safely. That means that you will never accidentally leave your personal information out for all to see. What’s more, the accounting software allows you to review your summary as you go. Bonus.

#4 TaxSlayer

  • taxslayer logoOne of the top free tax preparation software downloads online
  • Free Federal efile, State fee: free or $22
  • Visit | Look for coupons
  • rating: 3/5

Finally, we come to TaxSlayer. I’m not a fan of the name, as I always picture a clip-art quality dragon getting slayed by a knight, but maybe that’s just me.

Compared to other accounting and tax programs on the market, Tax Slayer s is a rather basic setup. However, that does not mean that you should make the mistake of overlooking it. If you’re hoping for a straightforward, clean way to do your taxes, you may just have found it.

There is a rather helpful ‘Program Guide’ which will take you through the step-by-step process of completing your forms. Still, if you are used to filing your taxes, you might not even need the guide at all. Should that be the case, you can move ahead to the forms and get on with it. What’s more, the program supports all the most popular IRS forms, and so you should have no problems using this software.

The best free software for filing your taxes: just don’t sacrifice features for “free”

free signSo, with the exception of TaxAct, the free version of any software is intended for simple tax returns. If you have kids and a mortgage, you’re likely better off paying for a premium version of their software. In most cases, this will help you find more deductions, which will ultimately more than pay for the cost of the software. In fact, a single missed deduction, like giving $200 to charity, could cost you more than you saved by going with the free version of the software.

In any event, good luck, and I hope you’re able to truly file your taxes for free! If you’ve had experience with any of these free tax options, please send us your review!

nivea men creme free sample

Nivea Men Creme: FREE Sample Tin – Moisturizer

Free sample of NIVEA moisturizing cream for men: You can request a free sample of Nivea’s moisturizing creme developed especially for men, directly from their website:

Free sample: NIVEA Men Creme:

no expiration listed; ongoing

About the NIVEA Men Creme Free Sample

Nivea multi-purpose cream for face, body, and hands is a non-greasy and fast-absorbing cream. It comes in a smart little tin, and I assume this is the 2.6 ounce size, so you save $3.50 + shipping by getting the freebie. Nice!

NIVEA men creme can be used as a daily lotion for your face, body, and hands, or post-shave balm. Also, the word, “cream” is spelled in a fancy, German way, so you know it’s good and manly.

The “men” creme doesn’t have a real masculine fragrance, (although it smells great!) so you can feel free to steal it from him if he doesn’t use it.

NIVEA Men Creme Reviews & Ratings

The reviews are all pretty positive on sites like Amazon and Walmart, so it seems to be a hit! NIVEA men creme is great on cold or windy days for your face, or any dry areas on your body.

It also took home one of the “Men’s Health grooming awards,” saying that the tin made it great for throwing in a gym bag or carry-on bag.

*limit 1 free sample per household or email address