Are You on Facebook? If So, Read This!

Are You on Facebook? If So, Read This!

Posted on 14/04/2011 by | 1 comment

facebookA while ago, Facebook implemented some changes and it didn’t even dawn on me how it could affect my readership until just recently. Did you know that a lot of your friends can’t see your posts on their news feed? Yeah.. me either. Here’s the scoop.

The recent Facebook changes cause your news feed setting to only show posts from people you’ve interacted with recently or most frequently.. and that’s the default setting. So if you haven’t posted on someone’s wall or commented on their posts recently, that person or fan page (like mine!) is not showing up in your news feed. And that’s not good for anyone.

Fix the Big Facebook Boo-Boo
On your personal Facebook homepage click “Most Recent” at the top of your news feed. Next, click the drop down arrow beside it and click “Edit Options.” Then click the arrow next to “Show Posts From” and change the setting to “All of your friends and pages.”

Tell your friends so you don’t lose contact with each other! But I guess if you have already lost contact they won’t see what you post anyway.. LoL.



One comment

  1. CarlabreeBonesteel says:

    I swear, I can’t stand all the rules, regs, and changes that FB makes without letting us know.

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