Fitness-magazineTyson Grilled and Ready wants to help you get fit for the new year. That’s why they’re giving their Facebook fans a free subscription to Fitness magazine!

To get your free subscription to Fitness magazine, just visit Tyson Grilled and Ready on Facebook, like the page, fill out the short form and enter 2 UPC codes from Tyson Grilled and Ready products. In case you accidentally threw your packages out, you can use UPC codes 023700021885 and 023700016256.

Don’t forget to check out the other freebies I’ve posted for even more great offers!

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6 Responses to Free Subscription to Fitness Magazine (Facebook)

  1. ml_mcafee says:

    Just got the magazine. Thank you sooo much for sharing:)

  2. luanne says:

    This looks like a wonderful offer. Thanks for sharing!

  3. DebPelletierCouture says:

    Thanks , I did it , Fitness magazine  will be sent March 2013. DebP

  4. KellyNicholson says:

    sounds interesting baby!

  5. kherbrand says:

    Definitely going to go hook up on this offer!  Thanks for the UPC codes too!

  6. Katherine Minor says:

    Thank you for the offer!

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