leapfrog-leappad1-explorerWe purchased a LeapFrog LeapPad2 for my youngest son for Christmas, so of course one of the first things I did was look for free LeapPad apps! You will automatically receive a free app or ebook of your choice when you register and connect your LeapPad but I also found 2 additional free LeapPad apps.

To get your two free LeapPad apps, start up the LeapFrog Connect software. Next click the “App Center” tab, then click “Redeem Code” and login.

Enter the following bonus codes to get your free LeapPad apps (you’ll have to do one at a time):

  • 5813-1140-1518-1413 to get “The Book of Super Awesome Stuff” eBook for free
  • 5813-0790-4610-4973 to get “Alphabet Stew” game for free

These free LeapPad bonus codes work for the LeapPad1, LeapPad2, Leapster Explorer, and LeapsterGS systems. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to check out the other free stuff I’ve posted.

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24 Responses to Free LeapPad Apps (for LeapFrog Leapster too!)

  1. gypsysoul13 says:

    the code for the book of super awesome stuff and the alphabet stew still work. I just downloaded them for my son. thank you. curious to know of more if possible. tried he dinosaur e-book codes but all three were previously redeemed.

  2. Sara says:

    Awesome!! Just got Leappad for my 4 and 7 year old. One free app for each. Thanks so much. Happy Holiday’s

  3. Kelly Griffi says:

    Thank you.. Just downloaded on two leappads and worked great!

  4. madmummyto4 says:

    digital download cards are half price in argos just now £7.50 for £15

  5. Lucindious says:

    Still works 1/3/2014 thanks!!

  6. ktbos says:

    Still works now, thanks!

  7. natheer says:

    no other codes?

  8. SingleMomma says:

    Thanks so much, my daughter just got the leapPAD two as a birthday present, we both really love it..but then got stressed thinking how i was going to get her apps etc for’ve just made her day and my weekend!!!will be sure to pass on any other codes i might find!Thanks again..x

  9. YaniLinchangco says:

    Thank you so much ..My kids did enjoy the apps

  10. TyWheat says:

    Thank!  Great info!

  11. DavidGardiner says:

    Works great. Thank you so much!!!!!!!

  12. abyrneplus says:

    thanks, we just bought one for my daughter for christmas!

  13. JermaineMintuck says:

    My niece got something like this. I don’t know if it was an actual leappad or what. Might have to ask what it is and see if it CAN take new apps. I couldn’t see a slot where cartridges were put in, so that has me thinking…..

  14. Freebie Spot says:

    You’re welcome!

  15. Kim Hess says:

    thanks got them without any problem

  16. CharlieVezina says:

    we are looking into getting one of these pads for my daughter so this is nice to know to find apps for her beforehand.

  17. AlisonBP says:

    Great idea for kids

  18. Ola11 says:

    Hi, I tied to use your codes ,but they don`t work. They are invalid. Beside there is no eBook “The Book of Super Awesome Stuff” can`t find. How you did this?

  19. AshleyMarieMiles says:

    my son would like this

  20. ChristineSanDiego says:

    My niece would love these! Thank you!

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