Fun Laced Stocking GiftsChristmas crafts for kids are always fun, entertaining, and educational. This week’s Kids Frugal Craft from Mom on Dealz is a Fun-Laced Stocking Gift. Christmas stockings originated with St. Nicholas, so this week’s craft is centered around these traditional items! This month is packed full of fun Christmas crafts for kids!

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Fun-Laced Stocking Gifts


  • Brown Paper Shopping Bag
  • Yarn
  • Hole Punch
  • Desired Decorations
  • Desired Gift Contents


1. Cut a big stocking shape on both sides of the shopping bag and stack the 2 cutouts.

2. Using the hole puncher, punch holes outlining the stocking shapes.

3. Have your child decorate the stockings as they desire.
4. Have your child use the yarn to lace the stockings together.

5. Fill the stocking with little gift items such as candy canes, small books, small toys, travel sized items, depending on the recipient’s likes.

Educational Activities

  • Gross Motor Skills: The lacing of the stocking is perfect practice to improve your child’s gross motor skills!
  • Language Arts: Have your child write gift recipient’s name and their name as a gift tag on the stocking. Read the Legend of the Christmas Stocking and help your child make connections to the book. Use phrases such as “This reminds me of…”
  • Math: Count the hole punches in the stocking. Have your child estimate how long the yarn will need to be in order to lace all the holes.
  • Social Studies/History: Teach your child the history of St. Nicholas. Use the terms past, present, and future to help teach the story. These are important “content” words for your child.
  • Science: If you choose to fill your stocking with edible gifts such as hot chocolate mix, be sure to make some for your child and yourself. Discuss how the solid (powder) becomes a liquid when you add water.
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