Amazon Free App of the Day for Andriod: Bleep – Word Guessing Game

amazon-free-app-of-the-dayDid you know that there is an Amazon Free App of the Day, every single day? It’s true! These free apps are for the Android OS and can be used on Android-based phones and devices like the Amazon Kindle. Plus you’ll get $1 in Amazon MP3 credit with qualifying app purchase so you’ll make money on the deal!

Today’s Amazon Free App of the Day is Bleep – Word Guessing Game. Get it free, today only!

Bleep – Word Guessing Game by Scott Singer: Care to test your word knowledge? Bleep will keep you on your toes. A great game to play with friends and family, it comes with more than 2,000 words and a humorous soundtrack. Play against the clock: a word is displayed and it’s up to you to provide the clues so your teammates guess it correctly.

Get this Amazon Free App of the Day, plus your $1 Amazon MP3 credit, and rest easier knowing you didn’t pay a cent for it. :) Don’t have a Kindle? Get one now starting at only $69.

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