25 days of christmasSome of you may remember this promotion from last year (and the year before). For the 25 Days of Christmas, from December 1st – 25th, visit to find the Disney Movie Rewards logo. Click on the DMR logo to visit the Disney Movie Rewards website. Once you sign in to DMR, your points will be added to your account.

Each day’s code goes live at 9am PT. Codes do expire! Codes posted Monday through Thursday are valid 9:00 am PT – 8:59 am PT. Codes posted Friday are valid 9:00 am PT through the following Monday 8:59 am PT.

If you don’t want to go on the scavenger hunt, then just enter the codes listed below at Disney Movie Rewards. Occasionally, finding the Disney Movie Rewards logo can be difficult so I will keep this post updated to help you out. And if you find this post useful, please share, stumble, or pin it. :)

Dec 1-2: 25DOCBMR8121 (10pts for Sat/Sun)
Dec 3: 25DOCBMR1123 (5pts)
Dec 4: 25DOCBMR924 (5pts)
Dec 5: 25DOCBMR5425 (5pts)
Dec 6: 12DOCBMR226 (5pts)
Dec 7-9: 12DOCBMR1179 (15pts for Fri-Sun)
Dec 10: 25DOCBMR2210 (5pts)
Dec 11: 25DOCBMR1111 (5pts)
Dec 12: 25DOCBMR1212 (5pts)
Dec 13: 25DOCBMR9213 (5pts)
Dec 14-16: 25DOCBMR121416 (15pts for Fri-Sun)
Dec 17: 25DOCBMR3317 (5pts)
Dec 18: 25DOC218 (5pts)
Dec 19: 25DOCBMR8119 (5pts)
Dec 20: 25DOCBMR619 (5pts)
Dec 21-23: 25DOCBMR2123 (15pts for Fri-Sun)
Dec 24: 25DOCBMR24 (5pts)
Dec 25: 25DOCBMR7225 (5pts)

For the complete ABC 25 Days of Christmas television schedule, just visit this link.

Don’t miss the other Disney Movie Rewards Codes I’ve posted for even more free points!

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39 Responses to 25 Days of Christmas: Free Disney Movie Rewards Points from ABC

  1. KathrynSneed says:

    I love ABC’s 25 days of Christmas. Thanks for posting!

  2. krissie013 says:

    i live disney movies

  3. vonnie says:

    Sorry I miss this opp.

  4. Lauryn Heintzelman says:

    I just caught this hopefully i can get the 24th! Thanks though I didn’t know about this! Also love the ABC christmas specials. I think I watch about all of them lol!

  5. Patricia Mohl says:

    i kept forgetting to do this. Maybe git a 1/3

  6. supamonkey771 says:

    I’d like some Disney

  7. AmHengst says:

    Wow this is great.  I have never heard about this before . Im glad I looked on your site and read about it . We will have to start collecting our free Disney movie reward points from ABC .Thanks for the information about this.The kids will be so happy I did this

  8. JenniferJohansen says:

    Awesome, thanks!

  9. AshleyAnneApplebee says:

    Cool!! Thanks so much!!

  10. MandiS says:

    I have the worst luck with this :( Commenting for the giveaway. I can never get the points added to my acct for some reason. Says “error” Oh well! Maybe I should try making a new acct?

  11. TammiKarafaBivans says:

    Thank you for the great information!

  12. harleychrys says:

    Thanks for the codes! They’ll help a lot.

  13. cyber_chik says:

    Love Disney!

  14. chrisair says:

    thanks for the codes I love disney movie

  15. NenaSinclair says:

    Thank you! I’m always happy to get free Disney points!

  16. VickieMarksAllbright says:

    love these points thank you

  17. ErinCash says:

    Thank you I have been trying to save up points to redeem.

  18. DeniseSmith says:

    thank you i could use these

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