Crafts for Kids: Voter Registration Card Kids Election Day Craft

Crafts for kids are always fun, entertaining, and educational. Since today is Election Day, this Voter Registration Card kids Election Day craft is perfect! This craft is an excellent way to teach your child about voting. This craft is from my wonderful friend over at Coupons Are Great.

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Voter Registration Card Kids Election Day Craft

Make a Ballot Box out of an empty food box (cereal, stuffing, you get the point). Use this Official Voter Registration for Kids pdf to register everyone in the family. Then tuck these id cards into a scrapbook or scan them and create a family yearbook to preserve them forever.


To create a ballot box, cut a square out of one of the sides of your empty box. †Cover the box with paper (and decorations). †Cover the square that you cute from the box and tape it behind the box. †Write the word VOTE so it is clear that this box will collect voting ballots. Have fun teaching your children the value of voting!


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