Wireless Safety Tips for Your Kids

stay-connected-stay-safeNowadays, cell phones are an important part of family life by helping parents stay connected to their children. Unfortunately the practical use of cell phones also comes with other issues like bullying, privacy, texting while driving and others.

AT&T is making the effort to learn about what “wireless safety” means and wants to share this information with families like yours and mine. The AT&T Mobile Safety program was established to educate parents on what safety means when it comes to mobile devices, and to provide resources that help parents navigate this day-to-day in their homes.

AT&T conducted a study of 1,000 parents and 500 kids (ages 8-17) on a variety of topics that relate to mobile phones, devices and other issues. Here is what they found:

What the right age to give a child a mobile phone? While we can’t really say what’s “right” – we can tell you that the average age is 12.1. Of kids who have mobile phones, 34% have smartphones.

What parents are concerned about in their kids’ use of mobile phones:

  • 89% are worried about texting and driving
  • 67% are concerned about bullying text messages
  • 69% are concerned about sexually suggestive messages
  • 77% are worried about their kids receiving calls from unknown numbers

And here is what is actually happening, according to kids:

  • Over HALF have been in a car with someone who was texting and driving
  • Over 1 in 5 have received a mean text message
  • Almost half have a friend who received a sexual picture or message
  • 69% have received a call from an unknown number

We asked kids about the rules they have on their mobile phones. 66% said they do have rules on their phone usage. But 90% said they would be okay with their parents setting rules. Also, 93% of kids have rules for their phones at school. So even if they don’t have rules at home they are used to having them at school, and it could be a smooth transition to implement some of those rules at home.

AT&T has put together a variety of resources to help parents. From learning what other families are doing through videos, or downloadable tip sheets, the website at has a wealth of information available to anyone who is interested.

Disclosure: I wrote this post while participating in a campaign from The Motherhood, on behalf of AT&T. I was not required to write a positive review. Any expressed opinion is completely my own. View my official disclosure policy.

One thought on “Wireless Safety Tips for Your Kids

  1. valg

    I am concerned about my daughter’s cell phone! To play her game she needs internet but I dont want to to be able to see the internet!


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