Childrens-101-MP3-albumI absolutely love all the Amazon MP3 deals lately! For a limited time, your kiddos can get in on the amazon music deals too. :)

Amazon MP3 has an album filled with 110 songs for children at a kid-friendly price of only $1.99 for the entire album! Some of the MP3s included in this album are Five Little Monkeys, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, It’s Raining It’s Pouring, and many, many more.

Remember, Amazon prices can change at any time so don’t miss out on this great Amazon promotion. Don’t forget to check out the other Amazon deals I’ve posted too!

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One Response to 110 Songs for Children for only $1.99 at Amazon MP3

  1. BeeCasagrand says:

    Great deal–perfect to download and save for a car trip.

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