recyclebankAt Recyclebank you can get points for recycling your trash, electronics, from bonus Recyclebank codes, and more; then trade those points in for merchandise, coupons, or even donate them. Since I’m in a small town, my account will probably have to live off of Recyclebank promo codes but the rest of you may be able to cash in on this – and help the environment! And now that I’m a Recyclebank Insider, I get the early scoop on point opportunities so I can share them with you!

To earn 195 free Recyclebank points, just login or register for Recyclebank, then:

  • Go here (or click the image below) to earn up to 65 Recyclebank Points by downloading the Bin It! app. Bin It! is a fun and addictive new game that challenges you to recycle! Earn points for syncing the app to your Recyclebank account and score even more points for virtually recycling plastics!
  • Go here (or click the image below) to learn smart, simple ways to save water in the bathroom. It’s all about seeing the beauty in using less. Check it out and earn 25 Recyclebank Points! To earn an additional 5 points, click the Suave box on the right (on the same page).
  • Go here (or click the image below) to take the SC Johnson Green Choices Challenge. Find 6 green actions that are less frightening for the planet. Pledge to take those actions and you’ll earn 10 points for each (hint: the jack-o-lantern and rake are hidden!).
  • Go here and answer the “Easy Greens” questions and take the pledges for 40 points.



Rewards_Points_SC Johnson_Recyclebank

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3 Responses to New Recyclebank Codes: 195 Free Recyclebank Points

  1. sbutcher8 says:

    Love extra points this is a great idea for me to follow. thanks for the post.

  2. ChavonneHarvey says:

    Oh wow thanks for sharing!! I’m gonna head on over to Recyclebank now.

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