When choosing contact lenses, you have two basic choices available – reusable or daily disposable. Though daily disposables are clearly more efficient in terms of the time they take to manage, their eco footprint is far higher, and they are obviously the more expensive option. However, they are also better in terms of hygiene. This is why it’s very important for users of reusable contact lenses to have a good grasp of how to clean contact lenses, to protect one of the most sensitive and vulnerable areas of the body in terms of infection – the eye.

The ideal time to clean reusable contact lenses is immediately after you remove them. Ensure that you’ve washed your hands thoroughly, and then dried them with a clean towel to remove any residue from the cleaning products. Placing the contact lens in the palm of your hand, apply a few drops of the daily cleaning solution as recommended by your clean-contact-lensesoptometrist or pharmacist – but this will generally be a multipurpose maintenance solution or peroxide-based product – and using your index finger, gently apply the solution to the interior of the contact lenses, and then repeat on their outside surfaces.

One of the absolutely prohibited and frankly dangerous things you can do with your contact lenses is licking them or putting them anywhere near your mouth as a means of cleaning or rewetting them. Your mouth is about as unsterile an environment as you could find, and the number of bacteria that it that one motion could become attached to your contact lenses and then transferred to your eyes doesn’t really bear contemplating.

The cleaning is now done. In order to disinfect them, take the case in which the contact lenses come and fill each allotted lens chamber with the recommended solution and leave to soak for the necessary time period advised by the usage instructions. If you buy coloured contacts, make sure to chose the right clean care and correct solutions.

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3 Responses to How to Clean Contact Lenses

  1. KayHydes says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I always believe that it is important to always clean your contact lenses as this might irritate your eyes and can cause blindness.

  2. mmkay11 says:

    I remember years ago having 3 bottles of different solutions that had to be used in a certain order and they had to be rinsed really well otherwise the one solution could burn your eyes. So glad there is an all in one formula now!!

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