Group Giveaway: $700 Cash *Ends 10/14*

Raking-in-the-Cash-giveawayIt’s hard to believe that it’s October already. And Christmas will be here before you know it! To help you have a great holiday, I’ve teamed up with a group of bloggers to give two of you the chance to win something amazing!

1 winner will receive $500 cash!
1 winner will receive $200 cash!

Welcome to the $700 Raking in the cash giveaway (paid via PayPal) hosted by Giveaway Promote and the amazing bloggers on the entry form below. If you love entering giveaways, sweepstakes and contests, you

7 thoughts on “Group Giveaway: $700 Cash *Ends 10/14*

  1. brat74

    Great site, after a gloomy two years of recovery from 5 Eye surgeries and back surgery last yeartyearthis would be a blessing. I am still am not back to work full time so, crossings my fingers.
    Love this site so far.

  2. marthalynn

    Awesome giveaway! We recently had to dip into our emergency savings to replace 2 AC units, so this would be great to replenish that. Not to mention a new baby on the way! Thanks for sponsoring this.


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