Crafts for Kids: Edible Pirate Ship and DIY Pirate Hook

Crafts for kids are always fun, entertaining, and educational. This week’s Kids Frugal Craft from Mom on Dealz is an Edible Pirate Ship and a DIY Pirate Hook to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day which is September 19th.

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crafts-for-kids-edible-pirate-shipEdible Pirate Ship


  • Ice cream bowls
  • Ice cream or sherbert
  • 2 Toothpicks and 1 Straw
  • Marshmallows


1. Fill the bowl with ice cream or sherbert.
2. Put one marshmallow on each toothpick.
3. Cut the straw so that it is longer than the toothpicks. Put 2 marshmallows on the straw.
4. Insert the toothpicks and straws into the ice cream or sherbert and you have pirate ship sails!


crafts-for-kids-DIY-Pirate-hookDIY Pirate Hook


  • Tin foil
  • Butter container, solo cup, any object that can go over your child’s hand (we used old Easter egg dying cups)Sharp knife


1. The adult should cut a hole in the container for the hook to go in.

2. Roll up the tin foil into a long roll.

3. Insert the tin foil into the hole in the container and then shape the top of it into a hook.

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