Crafts for kids are always fun, entertaining, and educational. This week’s Kids Frugal Craft from Mom on Dealz is an Edible Pirate Ship and a DIY Pirate Hook to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day which is September 19th.

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crafts-for-kids-edible-pirate-shipEdible Pirate Ship


  • Ice cream bowls
  • Ice cream or sherbert
  • 2 Toothpicks and 1 Straw
  • Marshmallows


1. Fill the bowl with ice cream or sherbert.
2. Put one marshmallow on each toothpick.
3. Cut the straw so that it is longer than the toothpicks. Put 2 marshmallows on the straw.
4. Insert the toothpicks and straws into the ice cream or sherbert and you have pirate ship sails!


crafts-for-kids-DIY-Pirate-hookDIY Pirate Hook


  • Tin foil
  • Butter container, solo cup, any object that can go over your child’s hand (we used old Easter egg dying cups)Sharp knife


1. The adult should cut a hole in the container for the hook to go in.

2. Roll up the tin foil into a long roll.

3. Insert the tin foil into the hole in the container and then shape the top of it into a hook.

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  1. katgilbert81 says:

    This looks so cute and like so much fun!!!

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