Skip the Candy. Give Plants vs Zombies FREE this Halloween!

plants-vs-zombies-freeJust a reminder that this is now live! I redeemed ours this morning. :) Skip the candy this year. Instead, give the kids something they’ll love that is definitely a treat: a code to download the hit game Plants vs Zombies FREE! This Halloween, the American Dental Association and PopCap Games are redefining what a Halloween “treat” can be… by giving FUN instead of candy.

You can download printable free-game coupons to pass out to trick-or-treaters. Each coupon will include a code that kids can use to download a completely free copy of the game (for PC or Mac). To get the free Plants vs Zombies game, just enter game code PEAH8R and follow the instructions sent by email.

With your help, we’ll prevent kids of all ages from getting Zombie Mouth!

6 thoughts on “Skip the Candy. Give Plants vs Zombies FREE this Halloween!

  1. Charlotte 'Anderson' Starett

    Would be great to pass out to kids at school too =0) Wish I had someone to share shipping with me lol

  2. Charlotte 'Anderson' Starett

    Just checked this out… you can order up to 5 sets of 50 cards and shipping is around $17 if you can find anyone to split shipping with =0)


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