New Recyclebank Codes: 247 Free Recyclebank Points

recyclebankAt Recyclebank you can get points for recycling your trash, electronics, from bonus Recyclebank codes, and more; then trade those points in for merchandise, coupons, or even donate them. Since Iím in a small town, my account will probably have to live off of Recyclebank promo codes but the rest of you may be able to cash in on this Ė and help the environment! And now that Iím a Recyclebank Insider, I get the early scoop on point opportunities so I can share them with you!

To earn 247 free Recyclebank points, just login or register for Recyclebank, then:

  • Go here (or click the image below) to view the†Science Lab in the EcoAcademy for 165 points.
  • Go here to view the Hallway in the EcoAcademy for 50 points.
  • Go here and read the articles for 1 point each.
  • Go here to calculate your impact on the environment with The Nature Conservancy for 5 points.
  • Go here to learn how American Forests is working to protect and restore forests for 5 points.
  • Go here to watch how EcoPower can protect your engine and the environment for 15 points (10 points for searching and 5 for watching the video).
  • Go here and check in and recycle your #5 plastics with the Preserve Gimme 5 app for 10 points.


Don’t forget to check out all of the Recyclebank codes I’ve posted!

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