back to schoolThe back to school sales are in full swing! Below you will find a list of the best discount school supplies as well as school supplies coupons. Learn where to get school supplies for little to nothing and save yourself a bundle. Don’t forget to view the tax free states list to learn when your state is celebrating the tax free holiday.

School Supplies Coupons

Bic coupon: $1 off 2 Bic stationary products
Expo coupon: $1 off 1 Expo product
PaperMate coupon: $1 off 1 Target store coupon
Select Zipper or Snap Closure Sewn Binders: $1.50 off 1 Target store coupon
Post-it coupon: $1 off $2 Target store coupon
Crayola coupon: $0.50 off 3 8-pk Crayola crayons Target store coupon
Scotch Tape coupon: $0.50 off 1 Scotch Magic Tape Target store coupon

Back to School Sales

Office Depot

Notebooks $0.01

Ruler $0.01

Pencil Pouch $0.01

Travel Tissue 3pk $0.50

Dry Erase Markers $0.50

Glue Sticks 4pk $0.50

Vinyl Binder $1

Office Max

Free Crayons, Ruler and Sharpener – limit 2 of each with a $5 minimum purchase

All In Place Heavy Duty View and Office Max Durable View Binders $0.01 after Max Perks Rewards

Avery Ready Index 5 Tab Color Dividers 6pk $0.01 after Max Perks Rewards

Office Max Clips and Fasteners $0.01 after Max Perks Rewards

Office Max 1, 3 and 5 Subject Notebooks $0.01 after Max Perks Rewards

Just Basics and Office Max Ballpoint Pens $0.01 after Max Perks Rewards

Duracell Coppertop AA or AAA Batteries 20pk $0.01 after Max Perks Rewards

Avery White Inkjet Address Labels 750 pk $0.01 after Max Perks Rewards

Officemax 8.5×11 Inkjet or Laser Paper 550 sheets $0.01 after Max Perks Rewards

Dixon #2 Pencils 10pk $0.10

Papermate Blue or Black Ballpoint Pens $0.10

Office Max 3 Fastener Poly Folder $0.50

Office Max Filler Paper $0.50

Office Max Purple or White Glue Sticks 4pk $0.50


Staples composition book 100 sheets $0.10 (w/$5 minimum purchase – limit 3)

Zebra zGrip Retractable ballpoint pens 7pk FREE after Easy Rebate (limit 1)

Hammermill 8.5×11 Copy Paper 500 sheet $1.00 after Easy Rebate (limit 2)

Texas Instruments TI-83 graphing calculator $89.99 after Easy Rebate

Staples #2 pencils 8pk $0.25 (limit 2)

Staples Slider Pencil Case $0.50 (limit 2)

Staples dual size pencil sharpener $0.50 (limit 2)

Roseart colored pencils 15pk $1.00
$1/3 RoseArt products from 7/29 RP
=$2.00 for 3

Staples retractable ballpoint pens (4pk) $1.00

Staedtler compass $1.00

Staedtler protractor $1.00

Expo dry-erase markers (4pk) $2.00
$1/1 Expo Low Odor and Original, Expo Neon, or Expo Washable Markers printable


Mead 5 Star 4 Pocket Portfolio $0.50
$1/2 Five Start product from 8/5 RP
=2 for FREE


W or Nice Paper Lunch Bags $0.99

Wexford folder 2 pocket $0.09

Wexford #2 pencils 8ct $0.39

Wexford 1 Subject Notebook 60-70sheets $0.49

PaperMate colors highlighters 6ct $0.49

Wexford composition notebook 80 sheets $0.59

Wexford filler paper 280 sheets $1.99

Pilot G2 pen 2ct black, red, blue or bold black $1.99

Elmers purple school glue 6ct $2.49


Sterilite File Crate $3.47 (rollback from $6.47!)

One Subject Notebooks 70 sheets $0.17

Filler Paper 150 Sheets $0.82

Post It Super Sticky Notes $1.00

Cra-Z-Art Crayons 64pk $1.67

Georgia Pacific copy paper 500 sheets $3.72

Thanks Saving Toward A Better Life!

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