New Recyclebank Codes: 85 Free Recyclebank Points

recyclebankAt Recyclebank you can get points for recycling your trash, electronics, from bonus Recyclebank codes, and more; then trade those points in for merchandise, coupons, or even donate them. Since Iím in a small town, my account will probably have to live off of Recyclebank promo codes but the rest of you may be able to cash in on this Ė and help the environment! And now that Iím a Recyclebank Insider, I get the early scoop on point opportunities so I can share them with you!

To earn 85 free Recyclebank points, just login or register for Recyclebank, then:

  • Go here and click the “search” button. In the new window that opens, find the “Recycle Electronics” box, type in your zip code, and hit “search”. Then look for the Recyclebank box at the bottom and click “get my points” for 5 points.
  • Go here, scroll to the bottom, and click the “earn 10 points” button for 10 points.
  • Go here, look for the Freshpedition ad on the right side (if you don’t see it, refresh the page), choose an answer, and click “get my points” for 5 points.
  • Go here (or click the image below) to check out the “Give Your Home a Green Makeover” for August and click the 4 pink circles and 2 hidden items for 60 points.
  • Go here, look for the picnic basket ad on the right (if you don’t see it, refresh the page), click the button, and then click “earn 5 points” to get 5 points.

Rewards_Points_SC Johnson_Recyclebank

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