back2school-Cash-GiveawayBack to School is always a tough time with buying school supplies, new clothes, and more. I’ve teamed up with 9 other bloggers to give you the chance to win $100 cash just in time for back to school shopping!

Special thanks to these Fabulous Blogs: Miki’s Hope, Giveaway Promote, The Frugal Free Gal, The Frugal Buffalonian, Shopper Strategy, Tatum’s Family Reviews, Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose, Literary Winner, and Mommies In Orbit.

This giveaway ends 11:59pm August 1st and is open worldwide to people age 18+ with a PayPal account. To enter, just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win $100 Cash sponsored by Mom of 3 Boys and the blogs above. Good luck to all!
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20 Responses to Giveaway: $100 PayPal Cash *Ends 8/1*

  1. Sylvia O. says:

    This cash will help me with school supplies and shoes for my nieces.

  2. Sylvia O. says:

    This cash will help me with getting school supplies and shoes for my nieces.

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  5. NinaKimwa says:

    My kid needs it for buying school supplies and books!

  6. yipperbear says:

    my daughter, back from afghanistan and free from the army is starting college this fall

  7. ElisBrockway says:

    Buy clothing and school supplies.

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  9. emscout9 says:

    Followed on Linky as Paul T / Pauline T (Paul Tran … emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)
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  10. JulieLutz says:

    I’m on disability so this will help me get the stuff I need for my two children that are still in school. One is going to be  a senior and the other will be starting middle school and unfortunitly the higher the grade the higher the price of the supply list.

  11. Krystal Ramirez says:

    It would help with my nephew he is in high school and book fees kill me!! Plus with all the great back to school sales he can get a few extra outfits!! Thanks

  12. KatieContests says:

    Gotta pay that tuition!

  13. KatieContests says:

    For Mom of 3 Boys on FB, “Could not retrieve the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in.”

  14. xoffersarnia says:

    The cash would definitely help out with school supplies.

  15. JeannetteNL says:

    Back to school time always seems to cost a small fortune of $300-$400 every year with school supplies, new shoes, clothes, backpack etc….If I were lucky enough to win, this would certainly help out! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  16. MommyTo4Lovies says:

    I have all 4 of my kids going to school this year. I need all the help I can get. Their lists are ridiculous! :)

  17. vesta Mason says:

    It will kelp with clothes and school supplies

  18. heavenlyshadow25 says:

    I will have 2 in school that will be needing supplies and it will help alot plus I have a preschooler too! 

  19. edwardpena18 says:

    I would buy my son things needed for school….

  20. Rachel Runyan says:

    This will be my son’s first year in school and it’s my first year buying school supplies, so any help would be appreciated.

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