Chicken-PringlersMemorial Day weekend is upon us. Celebrate the American holiday with this Chicken Pringlers recipe; a fusion of two American classics, Pringles and chicken nuggets. This quick and delicious recipe will create a finger food frenzy in a pop!

Recipe: Chicken Pringlers


  • 2 6.38-oz cans of Pringles (BBQ or Honey Mustard flavor)
  • 2 pounds of boneless chicken breast or chicken tenders, cut into 1 1/2″ nuggets
  • 2 cups of skim milk or buttermilk


  1. Preheat oven to 400°F with a rack in the middle.
  2. Place nuggets in milk.
  3. Puree the Pringles in a food processor, and pour into a large sealable plastic bag. Place two or three nuggets at a time in the bag and shake to coat.
  4. Spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray, and place the well-coated nuggets in a single layer. Bake in the preheated oven for 20 minutes.
  5. Remove and let stand, uncovered, 5 to 10 minutes to crisp.

Disclosure: HK Strategies, on behalf of Pringles, asked me to post about this promotion. I received no compensation for this post. Any expressed opinion is completely my own. View my official disclosure policy.

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6 Responses to Recipe: Chicken Pringlers, an American Favorites Fusion

  1. Lisa Ehrman says:

    Yum, that looks so good.  I know my kids will eat these, too.  Thanks for sharing!

  2. ChristinaKelbel says:

    This is a great idea, thanks!

  3. kmfuller94 says:

    That sounds good! I love chicken nuggets and pringles.

  4. lisa says:

    That sounds good. I’d try it with regular Pringles. Thanks for the idea.

  5. Marisa J says:

    Thank you for sharing this.  Next time I find a good deal on Pringles, I’m going to make this.  I also pinned it on Pinterest!

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