targetDid you know that Target has a free sample program?.. Yay! Just visit the Target Sample Spot to see what samples you can receive. Plus each sample usually comes with a Target coupon. Right now they have samples of Gevalia as well as a Spring Beauty Bag (these are great!). How it works:

  • Visit the Target Sample Spot.
  • Select a sample by clicking the “Request Sample” button.
  • A window will prompt you to answer a few survey questions, as well as to submit your address so they can send your sample through the mail.
  • You may order as many different samples as you like, but please note that each household can get only one of each sample.
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
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Hi there! I'm Jenny, a coffee-addicted, busy-body, work at home mom of two insane boys. I love football, cooking, Deadliest Catch, video games, Wordpress, and CSS (I'm kindof a geek). Feel free to say hi! We can be nerdy together.

6 Responses to *EXPIRED* Free Beauty Bag and Gevalia Coffee Sample from the Target Sample Spot

  1. Mama-Jen says:

    Thanks for the comments :)
    This is the first time I’ve seen it ask for a code so if anyone has any insight, I’d love to hear it!
    I think @JenS221 is right! The coffee sample asking for a code is just a fluke. Try a different browser (or clear your cache) and request the coffee sample first.

    • Mama-Jen says:

      Just tried getting this sample and clicked the coffee sample first and was able to get it to go through with no problems. So skip the beauty bag unless you have a code. ;)

  2. JenS221 says:

    Looks like you now need a code from an elligible receipt.
    I got prompted for a code right away on the beauty bag and after I filled in all the questions for the coffee, it said I neeeded a code.
    I just shopped there last week and don’t recall seeing anything, so must need to purchase a related product. Guess my Easter bunny shopping didn’t qualify as beauty products!

    • KuroSakuraHime says:

       @JenS221I guess Target got tired of handing out free samples to whomever goes to their page. I actually use the coffee samples and am rather curious about the beauty bag.

    • JenS221 says:

      Request the coffee first. I closed all browsers and switched from IE to Firefox and then my coffee request went through. Something must have still been set from opening the beauty bag window.

  3. KuroSakuraHime says:

    The spring beauty bag requires a special code from a receipt to access it.

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