Redbox-logoThey just installed a new Redbox near me so guess what that means? I’ll be posting Redbox codes for free rentals! :) Don’t forget you can reserve Redbox movies online and use a Redbox online promo code to make things a little easier. See all the Redbox locations to reserve your title online.

Redbox movies must be returned by 9pm to avoid an extra day rental charge. Redbox codes can only be used once per credit card. Also, some of the Redbox promo codes below may be regional so they may not work everywhere. And in case you didn’t know, you can now rent Redbox games for PS3, Xbox360, and Wii.

Redbox Codes for Free Rentals

(Last updated 3/19/14. Just visit to redeem your Redbox codes. Remember these codes only work once per credit card!)

  • DVDNIGHT (does not work online)
  • HAPPY1
  • WALGREENS (only at Walgreens)
  • BREAKDOWN (only at Walgreens)
  • DVDATWAG (only at Walgreens)
  • REDBOXHEB (only at HEB)
  • DVDATWEG (only at Wegmans)
  • DVDKROG (only at Kroger)
  • DVDATKROGER (only at Kroger)
  • DRIVEIN (only at Sonic)
  • DVDATSONI (only at Sonic)
  • REDBOX4ME5 (only at Safeway)

Current Redbox Promotions

  • New to Redbox? Register to receive a free code.
  • Get a free rental code by text the first Monday of every month. Just sign up for text alerts.
  • Download the iPhone or Android Redbox app. Next, when using an iPhone, send a text to 727272 with the code RBAPP for a free rental code. If you’re using an Andriod phone, send a text to 727272 with the code RBPLAY. You must reserve the movie through the app (can’t be used at a kiosk).
  • Text the word PLAY to 727272 to receive a monthly code for one free video game rental.
  • Use code 9MXW2LPC at the kiosk to receive one free DVD rental (exp unknown).
  • Use code 9MXW4LPC at the kiosk to receive one free DVD rental (exp unknown).
  • Use code NW2PCLP3 at the kiosk to receive one free DVD rental (exp unknown).
  • Text the word THIEF to 727272 to receive a code for one free video game rental (exp unknown).

If any of these codes don’t work online, try to use them at the box. I open this page on my iPhone while I’m at the kiosk. :)

Enjoy the movies!

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155 Responses to Redbox Codes: Free Rentals (Ongoing List)

  1. frado says:

    NONE of these codes work!!

  2. Patricia Bennett says:

    Free gifts

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  4. Guest says:

    None work online.

  5. RedboxSteals says:

    REDBOX sucks!!  They charged us $55 for 2 movies my husband was late returning.  Apparently we owned them, even though he returned them.  They won’t refund our money or send us the movies that we bought.  In my book that is stealing!

  6. bebot says:

    DVDNIGHT worked for me. Just rented awhile ago. I live in cali.

  7. AshG says:

    Text Saints to 727272 for a free game rental

  8. 817Diva says:

    DVDONME-not working
    DVDNIGHT-not working
    MOVIETIME-not working
    BREAKROOm -not working
    DWTREE4 -not working

  9. SarahCummings says:

    dvdonus worked last night for us. You have that its reported as no longer working. Remember everyone these codes will only work once per card. That may be why someone reported that, maybe they were trying to use the same code twice.

  10. nicole l says:

    Luvredbox did not work this evening. I live in CT.

  11. c123 says:

    redbox game code one time $1 off through 7-23 72Z4TDD6

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