2012 McDonalds Monopoly – Free Codes! *Ends 11/3*

2012 McDonalds Monopoly – Free Codes! *Ends 11/3*

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mcdonalds monopolyMcDonalds Monopoly is back for 2012 and that means free game pieces and codes for everyone! This post will serve as the central posting location for all things Monopoly at McDonalds. If you eat at McDonalds but don’t want to play, you can post your codes here. If you are looking for some free McDonalds Monopoly codes, then you’re in the right spot. Or.. if you’re looking for codes posted online by McDonalds for free plays, well.. stick around. Freebie Spot has proven to have several generous visitors so I hope we can help one another and possibly win some great prizes! As a reminder, I only post winnable sweepstakes so your chance to win is very good!

Read more about how to play or read the official rules. For saving McDonalds Monopoly pieces, you can get a McDonalds Monopoly board online or in-store.

Important Dates

  • The $20,000 Pre-Promotion Sweepstakes begins 9/18/12 and ends 9/24/12
  • The in-store game begins 9/25/12 and ends 10/22/12.
  • The online game begins 9/25/12 and ends 11/3/12.

How to Get Codes

  • With Purchase: Get McDonalds Monopoly pieces by purchasing one of the following food items:
    • Medium Fountain Drinks (21 oz.)
    • Medium (16 oz.) and large (22 oz.) McCaf


  1. mudd1973 says:

    Thanks for the free codes. I entered all 12 free codes plus 60 codes from game pieces. From the 60 game pieces, we only got 3 instant winners – a quarter pounder, a medium fries and a small specialty drink. Hardly the “one in four is a winner” that the commercials touted.
    Entering the 60 codes got me 15 hotels. After 10 hotels, the screen congratulating you and giving you a free code no longer comes up. I got two Coke Rewards, one Redbox rental and one EA coupon for $10.
    It is not clear which “Sweeps” the free codes enter you for. Is it the Fiat or one of the other three – $10,000, soccer trip or beach trip?
    I used my free food instant winners today, they expire tomorrow. The cashier let me use two on one order and my daughter used the third.
    Thanks for this site. I have been checking it often.

  2. Kait Jenz says:

    I won a lot of random prizes 2 40 coke point a free movie rental and then on the coupons a ton of free food. but i only have like 19 hotels. was trying for the car, since my car stopped running a few days ago :/ or the mil to buy a new car and give money to my dad (fighting cancer) next year i guess :p first time player. it was kinda exciting 🙂

  3. minitrukngrl says:

    I have every piece except for the rare ones…I have over 50 hotels n have receiver I prize, 40 coke rewards points at my 10th hotel. Oh well it’s fun while it lasts

  4. the_real_mr_e says:

    PLYEASPORTS there is a new one guys. so is any ladies up for a date? hahaha maybe get some more codes together? haha

    • Mama-Jen says:

      @mary01336 Hi Mary. According to the official rules: “open only to residents of the U.S. who are thirteen (13) years of age or older”

  5. Jason says:

    Note that the GOPLAYATMCD code no longer enters you in the pre-promotion sweepstakes, BUT it still gives you a free house and an entry into the normal 3 choices ($10,000 drawing, soccer drawing, or beaches drawing). So you should still count it as a normal free code.

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