thanksgivingAhh the Thanksgiving holiday. Family, shopping, and excitement. Sometimes.

Tues Nov 22nd
I had an appointment at my doctor. Diagnosis: A polyp on the wall of my uterus. Fun! Surgery was originally scheduled for the same day but due to scheduling conflicts at the doctor, surgery has been rescheduled to January 10th. Please schedule a little prayer for me on this day. I will be put under for the surgery and I am not looking forward to it.

Wed Nov 23rd
Since I was supposed to have surgery on Tuesday, we were going to stay home for Thanksgiving, but since surgery was rescheduled, we packed up and headed to my husband’s family in upstate New York. What was supposed to be a 6 hour trip took more like 9 hours with traffic.

Thurs Nov 24th
Happy Thanksgiving! Today we enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at two different times in two different places. There’s nothing like being overloaded with carbs.. twice. And then at 10pm, shopping time at Walmart. That’s right. We braved the 10pm opening at Walmart. It was INSANE. But I got everything I needed. :) After Walmart, we went back to my husband’s uncle’s house and finished our shopping online. Overall a pretty productive shopping experience, but I didn’t get a Leappad for my youngest so that will have to wait for his birthday in February.

Fri Nov 25th
I was waken up by the sound of my 3 year old screaming. Apparently he was standing on the couch, fell off, and smacked his head on the coffee table. He had about a 1/4″ hole in his scalp and the bleeding would not stop. After about 10 minutes of constant pressure on the wound, it let up. Since the bleeding stopped, we headed to the ER which was about 40 minutes away. On the way there, he would not stay awake and I was freaking out, so my husband sped up. And then he got pulled over. Luckily I was hysterical enough that the police officer let us go without asking any questions at all. End result: Two staples in his head. They didn’t even numb it first either. :( I feel so bad for my little man.

Sat Nov 26th
It’s the end of our journey. We’re heading home in about an hour (as soon as our laundry is dry). I’m looking forward to getting back to the daily routine. We probably won’t be home until late tonight but it has been an eventful trip, for sure!

I hope all of you had a nice Thanksgiving!


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6 Responses to Thanksgiving Week: Never a Dull Moment

  1. Littlesprite says:

    Why did you not call for an ambulance? Omg.. People like you drive me nuts! You could of gotten into an accident driving to the hospital! Could of KILLED your family or someone elses.. He could of been hurt way worse than you thought and could of died!! What were you thinking. Btw.. The paramedics might of been able to numb it.. The hospital had to close it up IMMEDIATELY. :( poor baby… Next time, if there is one.. PLEASE call for an ambulance.. Dont risk your life, ypur sons, or other peoples.. (oh and just because the hospital is 40 min away does not mean emergency help is.. They usually have an emergency location for paramedics for accidents..) Personally if I’d been the cop – I would of given you a ticket!

    • Jenny says:

      I appreciate your concern, I really do. The nearest hospital was 40 minutes away and no ambulances were nearby (we called!). So it would have taken them quite a while to get to us. We had the bleeding stopped in about 10 minutes and then left immediately for the hospital. And he was going the speed limit until about 10 minutes away when my son fell asleep and he wouldn’t wake up. So he went 70 in a 60 (trust me.. I wouldn’t let him drive any faster than that!).


    • Jenny says:

      They told us it would have taken too long to numb it with a topical. And they said that numbing with a needle would’ve hurt worse than the staples. I would’ve given anything to have taken that pain away from him!

  3. Oh my goodness! You definitely had a week. I can sympathize with you about your little one. I have 4 sons and we had a reserved gurney in our ER for a while. I have gotten really good at removing stitches.

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