pulling my hair outToday was my oldest son’s first day of 3rd grade. Not only does that mean that he’s gone all day, but more importantly, it means I am forced to GET UP EARLY. And waking up earlier means more time to get things done.


Everything started out great. I answered a lot of email (even though I still have 44 items in my inbox.. yikes!), paid bills, vacuumed, and attended a web meeting. All by noon. Then my youngest and I had lunch, I showered, and then came back to the computer to answer more email as well as post some goodies for you but guess what? No internet.


So I fooled with it for an hour and couldn’t get it to work. Called Comcast and of course, there’s a scheduled outage. Who schedules outages in the middle of the day? For reals. Apparently Comcast does. So I went to pick up my son from the bus, went to McDonald’s to get him a special first day of 3rd grade hot fudge sundae, then on to the bank and the post office. I hoped to be greeted by blazingly fast internet when I returned home, but no. I threw my fist in the air! Shenanigans!

So you’ve guessed it. I have internet now. Finally. Thanks Comcast for flushing my hopes for a productive day down the toilet. Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day.

PS. His first day of 3rd grade went great! He said he has “the nicest teacher in the whole world.”


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Hi there! I'm Jenny, a coffee-addicted, busy-body, work at home mom of two insane boys. I love football, cooking, Deadliest Catch, video games, Wordpress, and CSS (I'm kindof a geek). Feel free to say hi! We can be nerdy together.

5 Responses to I Had Such Big Plans for Today… Really!

  1. Sunnie says:

    That is such a bummer, I didnt know Comcast did that either, how annoying! At least you got some bills paid, vacaumed and ran some errands, that counts for something! ANd I also say shenanigans! My oldest is going into third grade also, and my youngest is going into first grade. Thats good he likes his teacher.

    • Jenny says:

      I also forgot to mention in my post that my blog was down for around 4 hours. GoDaddy took forever to respond. So I couldn’t have posted even if I had internet.. lol.

      I hope your girls have a great school year!

  2. carey p says:

    Glad your son had a good first day of school at least and that he likes his teacher!

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