blog updateAs most of you know, I started using Rafflecopter as the method of entry for my giveaways. While I understand that some of you like it, I wanted to let you know that I will not be using it any longer. I have been debating this for some time now and I’ve decided today is the day to make it official.

I do like Rafflecopter for one reason: it’s extremely quick and easy for my readers to enter my giveaways. But there are just too many reasons why I can no longer use Rafflecopter. Those reasons are:

  • It uses JavaScript. Bleh. JavaScript within a WordPress post doesn’t work well. Why? Because if I edit the post after it’s already been published (which I do often), the JavaScript code breaks and the Rafflecopter widget no longer works. This is not the fault of Rafflecopter but rather a WordPress issue.
  • It breaks the Fancybox plugin. Fancybox is the plugin I use for images where I tell you to “click to zoom.” This is a big deal to me because I always make thumbnails for my images so they don’t take up so much room on the page.
  • It breaks the built-in WordPress drop-down navigation. So if you’re reading a giveaway post and want to visit the “Disney Movie Rewards” menu within the “Freebies” menu, you can’t.
  • It is not customizable. I would like to be able to change things within the Rafflecopter widget like the width, the colors, the font, and a few other things, but I can’t. I’m a perfectionist and I like things to flow. The Rafflecopter widget breaks the fluidity. I also can’t change the title for the main entry and because the default title is so vague, some entrants aren’t following directions which creates more work for me.
  • (Edit 8/11: To add another reason!) I miss reading your comments! Seriously. I love reading your comments. You guys make me smile. And when I use an entry form like Rafflecopter, the personal aspect goes out the window. It turns a fun, friendly giveaway into something almost corporate-like. No thank you!

So there you have it. I know some of you may not agree with the change but with all things considered, I believe it is the right move. Current giveaways will conclude using Rafflecopter but new giveaways will revert to the old method. I do value your feedback though so feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks!


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40 Responses to Changing My Giveaway Format. Say Goodbye to Rafflecopter.

  1. wyndwhisper says:

    my biggest problem with Rafflecopter is that they seem to be getting longer and longer.  just yesterday i saw one that had over 700 enteries that you had to do just to enter the contest.  gets  tiring and not worth it really.  besides i miss talking to the people running things too.  :)
    tammy ramey

    • Mama-Jen says:

      @wyndwhisper Thanks so much for your input! Most of the time you don’t have to do all of those entries; like you can just pick and choose and do whatever you want. But yes I totally agree that the form length is getting out of control. There are certain group giveaway hosts I will not work with anymore simply because her form length is out of control!

  2. pegfive says:

    i know this was posted a year ago but i found it interesting…i want to start a blog in january and i’ve been trying to absorb as much as possible, but holy cow at every turn there’s a new issue i hadn’t thought of.  so grateful for your post and thoughts re: rafflecopter.

    • Mama-Jen says:

      @pegfive You’re very welcome and I’m glad you found it useful. :) I am currently using Giveaway Tools for my giveaways. If you want to check them out, their link is

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