blog updateOkay. I’ll be the first to admit I take things personally. Yes there are 60 of you who have voted who love my new blog design (and thank you for voting!), but then I see that other number. The 17 of you who hate the design.

It was 16 but it went up by 1 while typing this. Ahhhh!

I’m not asking you to change your vote, of course. I want to know WHAT you don’t like. WHY don’t you like the new design? There are things I don’t like too! So please, I’m begging here, tell me what you don’t like. Anything little (or big) thing; I’d love to fix it for you!

If you don’t tell me, I’ll be sitting here wondering for all eternity. So do the right thing here. :)  xoxo


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Hi there! I'm Jenny, a coffee-addicted, busy-body, work at home mom of two insane boys. I love football, cooking, Deadliest Catch, video games, Wordpress, and CSS (I'm kindof a geek). Feel free to say hi! We can be nerdy together.

7 Responses to Alright.. Dangit. If You Don’t Like My Blog Design, Inquire Within.

  1. I completely get what you were trying to do! I really like, too. One of the most important things – it’s easy to load! For how decorative it is, it loads so quickly! The sidebars aren’t too distracting for me either.

    I love that you are looking for positive and negative feedback! Good luck with hearing from us!

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks for your comments Michelle! I have tried to make my blog load quickly since that is one of my pet peeves. :) And I really don’t like ads either but have to do something to offset the cost. I’m glad to hear they aren’t distracting.

      Thanks again! :)

  2. karen says:

    I voted “love it” as it has a nice clean uncluttered design. If I had to say anything negative it would be I am not a fan of the double rows of posts after the first two posts on the home page. It is harder for the eye to scan 2 columns….I’d rather read a longer page…but that is just me. But I visit your site from the rss feed so it doesnt affect me anyway. :-)

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Karen! Thanks for your comments.

      At first I liked the side-by-side boxes, but now I really don’t. I can make all of them look like the top 2 (more like my old blog style). Maybe I’ll try that. :)

      Thanks again!

      • Victoria says:

        I have exactly the same opinion as Karen, as if she read my mind :))) I vote for longer page with single posts. And for some reason I don’t quite like black outline of your four cute pictures at the top of your blog… maybe no outline or polaroid frame design. Anyway, thank you, Jenny for all your hard work you put into your blog and new design.

        • Victoria says:

          I forgot to mention my thoughts about your poll. I didn’t vote before, because none of your three choices completely reflects my opinion. I love your new design, but I don’t like some details like double rows of posts :)))

      • Jenny says:

        Thanks for your comments Victoria! I did change the front to get rid of the posts in boxes and put them in single lines (like it was before). I know some people are fans of showing the whole post on the front page but the reason I don’t is for 2 reasons:

        1) I like to display as much content as possible on the front page
        2) I want to let people choose which posts they want to read

        Hopefully that makes sense! :)

        I want to actually change the whole header and logo but I can’t figure out what I want to change it to just yet. If you have any ideas, let me know!

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