It’s that time of year again. Our family vacation to Chetek, Wisconsin! If you were a reader of my blog last year, you may have read about our trip (see Our Own National Lampoon’s Vacation and Having a Great Time!).

drivingEvery year, we drive 12 hours, going half-way across the country, from West Virginia to Illinois to meet my family (and where I’m from). Then the following day, the family drives together for 7 hours, as a caravan full of trucks towing boats, and heads to northern Wisconsin for a week-long fishing extravaganza. Yay!

So right now I’m driving. Well no, that would be dangerous. I’m backseat driving (I’ve already been told to take a nap). So I decided to write to you and let you know that things may be a little sparse for the next week but I’ll try to keep up with posting great stuff for you guys. :)

Okay I just did the backseat driving thing again. See, my husband has his foot up on the dash. And he’s driving. And did I mention that we’re towing a boat.. through the mountains. OMG help me.


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Hi there! I'm Jenny, a coffee-addicted, busy-body, work at home mom of two insane boys. I love football, cooking, Deadliest Catch, video games, Wordpress, and CSS (I'm kindof a geek). Feel free to say hi! We can be nerdy together.

9 Responses to Heading to the Midwest!

  1. Stacie L says:

    How’d I miss this?! I am from Wisconsin!! Hope you guys had a great time!!

    • Jenny says:

      We did have a great time, thanks Stacie! We made it back to my Dad’s house in IL today and then back to WV on Sunday or Monday. I <3 Wisconsin!

  2. Victoria says:

    Have a safe trip, Jenny. Can’t wait to see more of your vacation pictures :)))

  3. Jenny says:

    Thanks ladies! It’s going to be insanely hot the entire next week so I may be posting more than I originally thought. I can’t really have me and my babies out on the boat as often as usual in 90+ degree heat/sun. :( We’ll see though.. maybe we’ll get lucky and the weather will be wrong!

  4. Have a great time and be safe! My husband used to go with his brother and dad to Wisconsin every year to go fishing. He has many fond memories and wants to take our boys soon!

  5. Sunnie says:

    You guys have a great time and be careful and I wouldn’t worry or feel guilty for not posting so much. Sure, we will miss your lovely smile, but I know I want you to have a good time with your family. See them while you can! And drive careful!

  6. Kelly Gray says:

    Safe travels to you all!! And omg, what a cute picture of the boys. :)

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