how to blogSeveral people have emailed me asking how to install the nifty little tweet box and the auto-linking twitter names on their blog. Since you have all been so nice—yet extremely scared to do it—I decided to write this tutorial for you. Keep in mind this is a WordPress blog so the instructions are specifically for WordPress. (If you’re on the Blogger platform, Jessica over at The B Keeps Us Honest has a Blogger @Anywhere tutorial written up just for you.)

Here is an example of the tweet box (and if you enjoyed this article, please tweet it!):

[tweetbox width=”400″ height=”50″ label=”Post your Tweet!” content=”Learn how to install Twitter @Anywhere on WordPress blogs for hovercards, tweet boxes, and more at %u @freebiespot”]

And here is an example of an auto-linking twitter name. Just hover over @freebiespot and you’ll see! It makes it super easy to ask your readers to follow another company or blog within a post.

I have tried to make this is as simple as possible but if you have any questions, just leave a comment and I will do my best to help you. :) And heeeeeere we go…


Install the WordPress plugin called Twitter @Anywhere Plus on your blog. After it has installed, activate the plugin. Navigate to the Twitter @Anywhere Plus plugin in WordPress (It’s located under “Settings”) and open it. Leave this window open for STEP THREE.


Next, you must register your blog for a free API key with Twitter. Visit this link and fill out the form as follows:

  • Application Name: Your blog name
  • Application Website: Your blog URL
  • Organization: Your blog name
  • Callback URL: Your blog URL
  • Default Access type: Select “Read & Write”
  • Application Icon (optional): Upload your blog button
  • Enter the security code, click “Register application,” then agree to the terms, but don’t close the window!


On the Twitter window that you (hopefully) left open from STEP TWO, click on the button that says “View your applications” on the right side of the page. Click on either the image or the name of your blog to view the details (do not click “Edit Details”). Copy the API Key shown and paste it into the API Key box on the WordPress plugin page which you left open in STEP ONE.


And now… your WordPress plugin options.

  • To turn all @ anything’s into twitter links, check the box for “Auto-linkification of @ usernames”.
  • To show information about the @ person in an awesome little hover box (like this: @freebiespot), check the box for “Hovercards”.
  • I don’t use the “Follow button” but the directions are on the plugin page. Most of you already have other plugins that display a Twitter icon so you probably won’t use this anyway. Plus you can already follow from the hovercards.
  • The “Tweet Box” option will display a tweet box on all posts or pages so I wouldn’t recommend using this, but the next option, “Custom Tweet Boxes” is great for giveaway posts! Definitely check this box. The directions are on the plugin page, but I can tell you that I keep default Tweet Box text in a text file on my desktop for easy access. The process is pretty simple. This code:

    [tweetbox width="400" height="50" label="Post your Tweet!" content="Learn how to install Twitter @Anywhere on WordPress blogs for hovercards, tweet boxes, and more at %u @freebiespot"]

    Turns into this tweet box:
    [tweetbox width=”400″ height=”50″ label=”Post your Tweet!” content=”Learn how to install Twitter @Anywhere on WordPress blogs for hovercards, tweet boxes, and more at %u @freebiespot”]

  • I don’t use the “Retweet Button” either because I already have the option elsewhere (like the Tweet Box and Shareaholic).

Make sure you save all your changes.


To put a tweet box in your sidebar, just add a new text widget and then use the “Custom Tweet Box” code as described above. See my example on the sidebar to the right. Make sure the width of your tweet box matches the width of your sidebar. Mine is 250px but yours will likely be different.


And you’re done! You’ll have to tweak the settings for your blog but if you’ve gotten this far, you should have no trouble doing that. :) And remember, if you found this post useful, please retweet using the Tweet Box above!


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  1. candice says:

    yay I did it…and it worked. AWESOME. That’s the first plug in I ever installed. Do you have other tutorials like this?

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